Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Designing a website...

For those of you - like me - who have never designed a website before. The task seems daunting... and it is! Oh boy is it! But for me? Oh no, never. I decided I should crank it up a notch. You know, make it harder. I thought, why use one of those easy pre-made templates? Well, that wouldn't even take an entire day! That's too simple for me! I'll get some website programming software and make one from scratch!

Purchasing some software, I set to work. Now I have spent a day and a half getting the program loaded and watching tutorials on how to use the thing! I'm already in over my presumed day long goal and guess what?! I still can't figure out how to put in a cool background let alone anything as minor as... you know, text! LOL! Now I have to decide whether to keep plodding through and make a truly amazing website... or go back to the previously scratched plan A and use one of those easy templates. The truest sign of my insanity is that I'm really not sure which way to go! Do I know it is silly to keep doing it this way? Sure! Do I get migraines every time they mention HTML code and where to store my Cascading Style Sheets on the server? Absolutely! Will I keep doing it? -- I do believe I will.

Why? Why do I insist on this madness, you say? Well, I'll tell you! It's because if I finish a project in less than a week, then I feel like I missed something. I pace around the house for hours trying to figure out how I could have done it better - because obviously it isn't any good if I finished it that quickly. Eventually it takes me as long as doing it the other way would have in the first place. Then, can I move on. Yes, I admit it. I have a problem. Is there a support group for that? If not, I'm making one.

By the way, the pictures are ones I picked to go on my website--should it ever be finished. Do you like?


  1. Love the pics. The work involved in learning software containing initials, not so much. :) Take it from the Shortcut Queen and use the free templates. Save your brain for writing (books, NOT HTML).

  2. LOL, clearly I should have consulted you before taking on this project. :D While I was at the library today I found a book. Dreamweaver for Dummies. If there was ever a book that might help me do it, I believe this is it. If I can't figure it out (and quickly) from that, then I will give up and do the templates. I doubt I would care so much except I got so excited about the program when my hubby got it for me. I think he might be sad if I didn't use it LOL. That's right! I'm willing to learn a programming language for love! Watch out world! :P

  3. I gotta agree with Ang - save your brain cells for the writing! :-) But I do wish I knew how to do all that web design stuff...

  4. I stumbled on your blog. Love the photos and your writing. I use mostly my own photos myself. I have a computer guy if you need help. I understand...

  5. K let me see if I can do this.. I tried to leave a comment yesterday and it wouldn't let me, I don't think I will ever understand the whole computer thing. HLTwhatevers and wwwhow does this work??? I tried to tell you good luck on your webpage, but messed up somewhere. Oh well I will try again. So what kind of things do you like to write? One of my really good friends is in the process of writing her second book. She is editing her first and getting it ready to send it in. Its really good I can't wait till she is famous and I can say hey thats my friend!! TEEHEE

  6. HAHAHA look at that I figured it out I learn something new everyday!! YES it is true I truly am a dork!!

  7. LOL well hiya everyone, so glad you could make it on over!

    Melissa - I've been so busy with edits I haven't even looked at the website yet. I will probably put one more hour into it and if I don't see significant progress I'll work on the template. LOL

    Rev. Christine - howdy and welcome! So glad you said hi! Yeah I love those pictures and writing... well writing is my passion. My hubby is actually a networker, so he knows all about hooking the system up and all of that, but not programming LOL. Oh well, I'll stumble through I guess. :)

    Rachel - Hello hello! So glad you figured out the comment box LOL And thanks for the good luck wishes. I am currently writing a YA sci-fi book which has turned into a series. I'm editing book one and hopefully I'll finish that off by the end of the month and start on two! :) I am going to post a chapter either here or on my soon to come website. I'll let you know when and where I do!

    Thanks for the visit guys! It made my day! :)