Sunday, January 4, 2009

A few things you should know about me...

1 - I think Friends is and will forever be the best show on TV. Don't argue with me because I WILL hurt you. Rachel is my favorite princess and I think Chandler is the funniest comedian of all time.

2 - I am a complete freak about the band Paramore. I don't think there is a song they have written that I don't love. They could sing the phone book to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb and I would think it was the best song ever. To be honest, it does sound somewhat disturbing when I put it down in writing... maybe I need therapy.

3 - Ever since January of 2008 I have been hearing voices in my head. I know what you are thinking, and I thought the same thing at first. Hello, wacko?! Until I figured out that apparently many authors go through this. I have been spending the last year putting their words down on paper only to finish and find out that I'm not even half way done with their story. They are pushy and hilarious and absolutely impossible to ignore--believe me I've tried. So now, in spite of my best efforts to make them shut up, I am happily accepting my fate and on the road to author-ville? author-dom? Whatever, LOL! Something like that.

Now you know a little about me. After reading about my obsessions and insanity... I have one question to ask you...

Wanna hang out? :)


  1. WAHOOO! I love it! Super cute blog too! It's awesome! And yeah, we can totally hang!

  2. LOL! YAY!! We are SO going to! Don't you fret missy! LOL... now I sound like one of those southern hunks you want to write about. Y'all take care now ya hear?

  3. Hi Jenn! I'm Jenni James' friend Nikki. She has nothing but good things to say about you! She says I should introduce myself so we can all be BFFs forever! LOL. So, Hi, I'm Nikki (insert virtual handshake here) Nice blog BTW. (I so completely love "Friends" too!)

  4. YES! Definitely! Any Friends fan is a friend of mine. So done! We are totally BFFs from now on! Hooray! :D Thanks for commenting! Now I get to go check out your blog! Jenni always says you are wonderful so I'm very happy to meet you and excited to get to know you better. :)