Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm on TV?

Here is a picture of my two cute little boys. They are so funny it cracks me up. Here is a perfect example. The older one asked for a nerf ball gun for Christmas, the younger asked for a toy. Santa figured that a toy was a pretty generic request and hey, it's so nice when they aren't too picky.

When they both opened nerf ball guns on Christmas morning the younger one turned to me and said, I guess Santa forgot--I said a TOY! LOL! Apparently by toy he meant something other than a nerf ball gun. Luckily Santa got him a few other items in the toy catagory that qualified. :)

So last night I finally got my website up and running. Which has a sample chapter of Portals, my work in progress. Yay! I was so excited to show my boys this morning. My younger one looks at it for a minute and then turns to me and says, "MOM! You're on TV!"

After carefully explaining to him that it wasn't TV, it was the internet, he nodded and then said, "I see, so the intnet is your new show?" LOL I carefully explained again that it wasn't a show, but a website. At which point he was suddenly very interested in the buttons on the keyboard.

I proceeded to show him how when you click on blog on the website, it takes you to my blog. He studied it very carefully before exclaiming, "LOOK MOM! The Wall-E guy is on your intnet show!"

I said, "Yep, he sure is."


  1. WOW! they are SOOO super cute! I love that pic! And I'm so glad you posted this story! Too cute! hahahah!

  2. I love the workings of chilren's minds. Going try to find your site now. Hey...does this mean you conquered that HTML coding program?? Congrats.

  3. Thanks Jenni and Melissa... I do believe they're the cutest things in the world, and I'm fully aware that I'm biased.

    Angie - LOL no, I gave up and used a template. I loved it! So easy and flexible and nice. It was fun! :) I have no regrets that I am not a web designer LOL!

  4. Great story. Congrats on your website!

  5. Love the moon on your website! Love the lightening, the purple - very nice site!

  6. Yay thanks for the visit Kathryn! :D

  7. That is too cute. Love the nerf gun not being a toy. I hate it when Santa messes up. Somehow, I feel responsible.

  8. Oh how CUTE! Yeah, my boyfriend has a daughter and he was trying to explain to her that I'm on the Internet and as I was watching, I realized, to her that makes me FAMOUS. She doesn't yet understand that half the world is out here!

  9. Thanks for coming to visit guys! Nice to meet you! :)

    Debbie - totally, the fat man needs to keep the orders straight :P

    Stephanie - yeah, it's a different world when your a child. It is easy for someone to seem famous and they really don't care if you are famous for very long. Totally the opposite for adults :D