Friday, January 23, 2009

My Jet Engine Is Broken!

I have horrible luck when it comes to appliances. My last washing machine had a broken agitator. I had to go in, add soap and stir it with a broomstick for 15 minutes each cycle. I did this every time I did a load of laundry for 2 months. I must say though... I had amazingly buff arms by the time I replaced it. :D

Currently there is a machine downstairs that I was told is a washing machine. I don't believe them. As far as I can tell, it is a jet engine that also manages to toss water, soap and clothes around all the while leaking like a sieve. It is ridiculously loud... exactly like standing next to an airplane engine revving for take off. My four-year-old is convinced that when we go upstairs the washer flies around the basement of it's own volition and he refuses to go downstairs alone in case it comes after him.

The other day it started a brand new noise. There was a clanking along with the very loud whirring--by the time I went downstairs to check on it, it had flown it's last flight. Apparently I know what I will spend my winnings from Vegas on--a new washing machine. This time I plan to spend it on a regular engine... no more airplanes in the house thank you very much.

After reading the machine it's last rites, I came upstairs I went to make lunch. There was a pop and all of a sudden three of my four burners stopped working on my stove. That's right, I now have one working burner and it is a smaller one!

I don't know how my house became the place where appliances go to die, but I don't like it.


  1. LOL. Sorry 'bout ya luck. Maybe switch brands? :)

  2. hey, you. could ya email me so I can email ya back with the pitch thingy? Thanks!

  3. OH no! I would like to say that I'm not laughing... but I am! LOL! Just the image of your washing machine flying around when you guys leave is sooo funny! I hope you can get it all figured out!

  4. Angie - believe me, WE ARE! LOL Also I sent you an e-mail and thanks! :D

    Jenni - LOL It is so bad seriously... although at least it still cleaned the clothes on it's own... the last one where I had to stir it with a big stick... now THAT's an image LOL

  5. And when one appliance goes, they all start to follow suit. Little copycats. Ticks me off.

  6. Dang! laughing....and I can't help it, i'm laughing so hard at the image of you stirring with a broomstick HAW!!!! ...

    (as to your comment - whenever I visit Baton Rouge, the first thing I want is a shrimp poboy, hot salty fries, and a cold beer!... then it has begun, the eat and eat and eat and eat - all they want to do is FEED you!)

  7. What is up with everyone's blogs eating my comments lately. Jeez, have I wronged someone? The computer Gods perhaps? Your blog just ate my brilliant comment. It was really good too. Humph. I refuse to try and replicate it. Just imagine the most amazing, funny comment you can think of. Yeah, it was good. Sigh....

  8. Debbie - It is a mutiny! Aahhh!!!

    Kathryn - I am happy my image made you laugh. In retrospect, it is hilarious... at the time, not so funny :P

    I don't know what half of those things are, but I'm booking the next flight anyway!

    Kasie - even your comment complaining about your lost (amazingly funny) comment is funny... so I have no doubt the first one was hilarious. Maybe if we both search, we will find all your hilarious comments on someone else's blog! The computer Gods perhaps? They think they can mess with us? Let's go find them. Muahahaha!