Friday, January 16, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

That's right! This weekend I will be spending in Las Vegas! Woohoo! Here's the thing though, going to Sin City is not what will make this weekend fun. It is who I am going with. I will be spending this weekend with my sister-Krista, friend-Lynsey, friend of the family-Caroline, my mom-Wendy and step-dad-Bill. These people are insanity at it's best. Just for proof, let me show you the e-mail they've been sending around the last few days in preparation.

Krista: Who's flying first class to Vegas?? THIS GAL! Also, I am bringing work out clothes in case I can tear myself away from the table for an hour each day. If anyone wants to join in. Lynsey/Jenn - I am bringing 1-2 go out dancing outfits as well.

Mom: HEY! Why don't Caroline and I get included in the "let's go out dancing" outfits??

Krista: It was implied. I knew you two would already be bringing the clubbin' clothes. With the other two you need to be specific.

Caroline: Good point! I have one of those Dancing with the Stars rumba outfits with feathers and glitter that I've been dying to wear. Just to clarify, however, I do not own a workout outfit - that would be ridiculous.

Lynsey: The only working out I plan on doing is hauling all my winnings to the bank. Why would I want to ruin a perfectly good vacation with EXERCISE!? Krista, you fool no one! Besides, these 1-2 nights of going out may produce enough dancing that you won't have to worry about working out. You know how you get! And for those of you who do not know how Krista gets... I'll bring pictures! But to paint a mental picture for you until then... 10 letters, 2 words... Sweaty Mess!! Love you Krista! I look forward to seeing everyone, especially you Caroline in what sounds like quite the subtle little number. I hope it's not too flashy for Vegas... GASP! haha.

Krista: That was hysterical... and a bit mean.

Bill: That's quite the painting, looking forward to the pictures.

Mom:My dancing outfit will consist of a 1980s mini-dress, fishnet stockings
and platform shoes ... what? They're back in style now!!

I will be bringing workout clothes, which I'll admit I look much better

Woohoooo! me

Caroline: 'm guessing Bill is pretty excited to hear about your dancing outfit, Wendy. I mean it involves fishnet stockings for heavens sake.

Personally, I'm ditching my feathers and glitter getup for that SweatyMess look. Sounds like it's got good times written all over it.

If I could offer up a vacation tip, I'd like to replace any and all activities or conversation even remotely related to exercise with shots. Jaeger bombs, Bailey's, lighter fluid - I'm not fussy.

Krista: I can't lie. I do like where Caroline's head is at...

Mom: Um - yes, Bill asked last night when he gets a preview. You might want to rethink that Sweaty Mess look ... I'm the queen of the Sweaty Mess look, and believe me ... it's not so pretty...

Krista: It's true, I've actually used it as a deterrent to keep boys from dancing with me. Unfortunately, it really works.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg folks. LOL! Can you say every moment filled with hilarious entertainment? I can! Yay! Vegas, baby, here I come! :D


  1. Laughing! Vegas!....! I haven't been to Vegas in years -when I went, it was nothing like it is now. I know everything's supposed to "stay in vegas" but you'll tell some at least, won't you?

  2. Kathryn, I always have bizarre adventures with these people... add in Vegas, and there will be loads of stories I'm sure. I'll give you the 411 when I get back ;)

  3. I hope you have a wonderful trip and lots of stories to tell us when you return.

  4. Melissa, PUH-LEASE bring your camera so we can have visuals of the adventures when you return to the blog! Have a blast, hon!!

    PS I need your addy for Kathryn since you won her contest. :)

  5. HAHAHAHHAAHAHAH! That's awesome! I love the email! Heheheh! Seriously hilarious! So wanna go too! ENJOY yourself! LOL! -jenni

  6. Did your family/slash friends realize that their private emails would be posted on your blog. LOL I will from this point forward make sure my emails to you are well behaved. Just kidding, I'm glad you roasted your friends for our benefit, I'm laughing. LOL Have fun.

  7. Angie - I will bring my camera! We will see how the pics turn out and THEN I will consider posting them LOL. As far as the blast goes, that's a given. I will get you my address! Yay for contests! :D

    Jenni - LOL, you'd love them. They're so fun :D

    Kasie - LOL yes, I called them and asked if it was okay before I did it. As if any of your e-mails AREN'T well behaved :P

  8. Sounds like you guys are going to be having a BLAST!!! have fun.....