Sunday, January 11, 2009

Woe is me...

Anyone who plans an outdoor adventure has to admit there is always a chance for someone to get hurt. Snowmobiling is no exception. You must be aware of the terrain, the speed of the vehicle and the other snowmobiles around you. You must know how competent a driver you are and if you're prepared to take corners at relatively high speeds. If you're careful there is no reason you can't go on a snowmobiling trip and experience nothing but the thrill of the ride.

If only it were that simple. I went on just such a trip this weekend. I'm accident prone, to say the least, and so I was extremely cautious. We went on an open field that was completely flat. There were no unexpected rocks, cliffs or people who could cause things to go awry. I drove very slow and very safe and I had a great time.

Now I know you may be asking yourself. Why is there a picture of a Wall-E captain on this post? Well, let me answer your question. It is because at this time my left foot has swollen to the point that it reminds me very much of the people in that movie. Yes, I'm not proud of it, but I can admit it. I have one big, puffy Wall-E foot.

You might ask--Jenn, how did you end up with such a swollen, misshapen thing at the end of your leg after being so careful today? Very good question. Well my friends, I made the horrendous mistake of assuming that once I got off the snowmobile I was safe. My worries were over. Boy, was I wrong.

That's right. I have a badly twisted ankle, not from some daring snowmobile accident, but from walking across completely flat snow to my car.

Yep, that's how I roll.


  1. Oh no! Oh no! LOL! You crack me up! LOL! I know I shouldn't laugh, but... I hope you feel better soon. Twisted ankles hurt man! Hang in there and milk it! LOL! You know snap your fingers and moan (The man thing) LOl! You might get out of doing a few things for a little while! :o) Oh! Oops! I forget, we're not teens anymore! LOL! You're the mom. Never mind. grr.

  2. Oh, poor you and your Wall-E foot! HOpe it's a quick recovery. This means you'll have to stay parked at your computer desk, cranking out more golden words, huh? :)

  3. Ouch! But it's just an excuse for your family to spoil you, right? :-)

  4. Hope you don't mind me stoppin' on by from Angie's place - I saw the "woe is me" and the photo and laughed -but, I shouldn't have laughed- ! Owie!

    Is this a good excuse to eat lots of chocolate and lie around? teehee!

  5. Jenni, yep - I'm a mom. I don't really get breaks. My kids try to be really gentle with me, but they're boys. Cam still jumped on my foot today, and although he immediately kissed my head and arm and foot and anything he could after I yelled out in pain... it still hurt. LOL

    Angie, turns out your right. I actually finished a chapter today! Yay! :) Maybe something good will come out of this anyway.

    Melissa, well my hubby spoils me so I think that counts. And yes! I love that part!

    Kathryn, Hi! It is so nice to meet you! Feel free to pop over any time. Any friend of Angie's is always welcome :) by the way... did you mention chocolate? mmmm...... gotta go call hubby and ask him to pick up dessert on the way home!

    Thanks for keeping me entertained ladies! :)

  6. Sorry to hear about your foot. But the funny thing is that is SO me. It was awhile ago but I pulled every ligament in my knee walking up the stairs. So we totally roll together. HAHA get better soon.


  7. Rachel - LOL I'm happy to hear I'm not alone... but I'm sorry about the knee. How do these things happen? It is like we are destined to be constantly sporting ace bandages and air casts! LOL