Monday, February 23, 2009

Calling All Agents!

For reasons only known to the Gods of Literature--I have had quite a bit of interest in my last round of queries. Which, to be honest, has made me regularly giddy and bouncing off the walls at the slightest ding of my inbox.

Don't mistake me, I'm totally aware of the fact that most of these agent responses will eventually end up in rejections. After all, there have to be rejections to find the right one--otherwise every author would have an agent and there would be a lot bigger problems in this industry.

This is why I figure that I will celebrate every little step along the way. So, to give you the official tally-- I currently have 3 fulls and 3 partials out with six different agencies! Can I get a wahoo!? LOL :D

Getting the requested material ready and sent off, along with an amazing writers' conference I went to this weekend (blog post to come later this week), has kept me very busy and that's why I haven't posted in a bit.

Anyway, now you are caught up on everything but the writers' conference... stay tuned for more information to come. ;)


  1. WAHOO!!! That's so awesome Jenn. And I agree, celebrate every step. Way to go. Can't wait to hear about the writer's conference.

  2. Congrats! That's a lot of requests! Woot!

  3. Kasie - Thanks! :D It is a blast every step of the way... just have to have the right perspective. There is a reason for every R in my inbox and I'm trying to remember that. :)

    ElanaJ - Thanks! Yeah, it's super exciting :D

  4. Dude girl, you are on FAI-YA!

    Congrats on all those requests! That is pretty amazing. How exciting! Well, I'm wishing the best for you!! :)

  5. Renee - Thanks! Yeah... I don't know what is going on, but I'm enjoying the ride ;)

  6. YAY, JENN! That's fantastic! Congrats hun :-)

    If you ask me, you're being too modest. With all those requests, you must have a lot of talent going for you. Who knows--maybe all those agents will want to represent you because you really are just that good!

    Anyway, congrats again. You'll have an offer before you know it.

  7. L.C. - If you ask me, you're being too nice. ;) Thanks for always cheering for me. :D I hope you're right.

    Kathryn - Thanks! I plan to!

  8. Just found your blog after #queryfail day. This is awesome news! Good luck!