Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heroes vs. Lost

So... I watched Heroes last night. Is anyone else starting to get confused here? I mean, I started to think I was watching Lost, so let's compare.

***** This has a spoiler from last night's Heroes, so if you haven't seen it and you want to, don't read on.

Alright, now that is settled. :) I'm watching this giant plane wreckage and there are these people all scampering around in the woods near it. There are people trying to find and kill them and some seriously weird things keep happening.

I mean, put that scene by the ocean and you've got Lost.

And it doesn't even end there. Both shows have some bizarre things going on they don't feel the need to explain. Both shows have people die and then apparently come back to life. And, both shows seem to have something against the blonde women. To recap, Lost blonde's that died: Claire and Shannon. On Heroes it was Niki Sanders, and now Daphne. They also kill Claire Bennet over and over again, but she heals so I don't count her. Either way, point proven, they kill the blonde women.

So yeah, I am thinking at some point they are going to join shows and it will turn out there is some bizarre Heroes Villain down in the Orchid place on the island. And his/her power will be to move large land masses through space and time. And the island is the source of all their powers or something... because Superman built it from kryptonite or something.

Heck yeah! I'd watch that. Anyone else?


  1. LOL. My youngest son's fav show is Heroes.

  2. Heroes jumped the shark for me a while back. My husband still watched it though, and I've been seeing bits and pieces. I think you're right about the similarities. Maybe the Heroes get their powers from the island... If there were a Lost/Heroes show I would definitely watch, but only because I still adore LOST. And you are so right about the blondes! What's up with that?!

  3. LOL! I don't watch tv.. I would totally try to be cool here and jump in with some witty remark, but I'm afraid i don't have any.. except i did notice the posters look very similiar in layout.

  4. Angie - I actually like both shows... I just find the similarities interesting

    Candice - I actually like Heroes more than Lost. Not a lot, but I don't know... I just really like Hiro. LOL

    Jenni - You watch American Idol clips on YouTube... so you are forgiven ;)

  5. SO true about the blonds! And don't forget Elle, another blond who died on Heroes. It seems being Sylar's girlfriend had some lethal consequences...

    I've never been into Lost, but I'm a HUGE fan of Heroes. I live for Monday nights. Or at least I used to. Now, not so much. I still watch it, but I agree with Candice. I keep waiting for it to get back to its Season 1 greatness. If it doesn't get better by the end of the season, I'll probably let it go.

  6. L.C. Gant - Oh my heck! How did I forget Elle?! I mean she was so deliciously flawed. Yeah, anyone on the show could have told her that being Sylar's girlfriend was like parking on the train tracks and taking a nap. LOL

    I know what you are saying about this season so far, but I have to say that the whole... we have abilities so we must band together kind of thing might just work out for them. I'll keep you updated ;)

  7. I only have eyes for American Idol (hello, tell me how Tatiana made it through last night??) and writing at the moment. But it sounds intriguing. I used to watch Heroes and loved it and let me tell you if you miss one episode of Lost you are completely lost, so I gave it up a while ago. Maybe one day I'll catch up by renting the seasons of these shows. I love to have season watching marathons.

  8. I love the season watching marathons too, but they get me in trouble. My hubby always picks ones that are still on and so we have these marathons of a show and I get hooked. Then he casually says... you know the next season starts next week... ARGH! LOL

    And about Tatiana--HELLO! Seriously... I think I would rather pull out my fingernails one at a time than see her be on another episode. ARGH!

  9. I haven't seen Heroes but we are a huge Lost family. Actually, we kinda are a lost family - but that's a story for another day.