Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hola! Did ya miss me? Did ya?

This picture is the epitome of my vacation. Taken from my Mom's balcony on the cruise ship. It was absolutely stunning, inspiring, magnificent, incredible, fill-in-your-cool-adjective-here and also.... SUCH A BLAST! :D

The biggest downside was being woken up every morning by our Austrailian Cruise Director (I'm pretty sure he was really from Kentucky) who told me to "drop my sausages and my hot cakes" and go to some activity that I usually felt like sleeping through. I also didn't appreciate him telling me to have a "Cracker Jack Day." I will choose the kind of day I plan to have, thank you very much, and I can tell you with absolute certainty... I will NEVER choose to have a "Cracker Jack" one.

The fam and I are busy gathering the rest of the pictures together and I will post again later this week with some more pictures. I came back with a killer cold, so that is all for today, but I can't wait to make the rounds of my blogroll buddies a little later today! Talk to you soon!

And also... feel absolutely free to have whatever kind of day you want. Be it cracker jack, fabulous, or downright miserable. You pick! I don't mind. ;)


  1. Well I certainly DID miss you!!!

    I want to go on a cruise, but not to have cracker jack days. Wow. Did you really have to go do stuff? I would hope not!

    Can't wait to see you around. Glad you had a great time! Get some rest and get rid of that cold. :)

  2. So. Jealous. That is all. :)

  3. Can't wait to see all your pics! Welcome back! And get to feeling better soon.

  4. I think a Cracker Jack day sounds nice. I choose that option. :) Missed you. Glad you're back. P.S. Where did you go?

  5. Welcome back! I'm so glad to 'see' you again! I agree, being woken up to 'Have a Cracker Jack Day!' would make me want to throw a certain cruise director overboard in fairly short order.

  6. So I never was sure what was meant by a "freestyle cruise." I suppose you weren't on one? What kind of activities are you supposed to fill your crackerjack days with? I'm going on a cruise in a few months, but I think my cruise line is freestyle. So no australian wake-up calls for me.

  7. LOL Gotta love the "helpful" Captain announcements. I never understood a word of what ours was saying. I missed you and I'm glad you're back.

  8. Lady Glamis - no, we didn't "have" to go do stuff. He was just always telling us to. Naturally, we ignored him as much as possible and had a lovely time. I did, at one point, do as he asked and attended a bingo game... I fell asleep in my chair and missed the entire game. I learned my lesson. lol

    Tara - I know, right? :D

    Elana - Three words for you - book a cruise ;)

    Melissa - Thanks, I'm starting to feel better already!

    Candi - Yeah, the first "cracker jack" was funny. The 400th... not so much. LOL Our cruise stopped in Semana, St. Thomas/St. Maarten, Tortola/Virgin Gorda, and the Great Stirrup Cay. :)

  9. Shanti - our party took a vote on it. It was by a slim margin, but we determined throwing him over board was not worth the risk of life in jail...I'm still not sure we made the right decision.

    Jessie - LOL mine was a "freestyle cruise", basically it means that you can eat when you want, where you want. That is the biggest difference because many other cruise lines have assigned tables and times for dinner. To be honest, I'm not sure I liked this better. It was still a blast though, where are you going?

    Kasie - LOL I know! I'm glad to be back though! I missed you guys too!

  10. I hated the trite sayings our cruise people used. And the speaker in the room. I really hated that.