Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Exercise in Creativity

So, today... I decided to do something fun and see if I could find some actors/actresses that look like my characters in my head (from Oracle). It was SO fun! I thought I'd share them on here and see what you guys think of my choices.

I even ended up finding a song that fit each of their characters too. Seriously, I'm so in their heads right now. I am going to do some crazy editing and writing as soon as I finish this post.

This first one is actress Sarah Bolger. Who looks so much like Lexi it scares me. Isn't she so cute?

For those of you that don't know, Lexi is a 16-year-old telekinetic--and she hates it. She's funny, sarcastic and vulnerable--she hates that too.

This is Paramore's music video for "That's What You Get." This is freaky on multiple levels. First, because the couple in the video look like the two actors I picked for Lexi and Cam... Second, because it is so Lexi's attitude. :) Enjoy!

Now, on to Cam. As you can see, Cam is...yummy.

He's my 17-year-old bad boy. He can't run from his past and even though Lexi makes him want things to be different, he's not sure they can be.

Meet Kevin Zeger, I've never seen him before today, but I'm telling you... he is Cam. The second I saw the picture above I flipped. He's exactly what I have in my head.

This is the song that reminds me of Cam. Nickelback's "Savin' Me"
Not only do I LOVE it... but it's the freakin' coolest music video I've ever seen. I could seriously write an entire series just on the idea in that 5 minute video. The things he keeps seeing above people's heads are numbers counting down. Check it out! :)


  1. So how did you end up finding the actors? I've never looked, but wouldn't want "mainstream" actors because people already have preconceived notions about them from prior roles.

    Love the choices though, very cute!!

  2. Sounds like a blast. I want to do it too. I want to be able to picture my character's this completely. What's the easiest way?

  3. Awesome pictures, Jenn! This is one of the best parts of writing. :D

  4. Megan and Ray - I just did a search and ended up on a blog where they had listed the 50 best young actors and 50 best young actresses. You can also just search under certain characteristics on google images. Like "actress, young, blonde, blue eyes..." or something. It was seriously SO fun! :D Let me know if you guys find your characters, I'd love to see them!

    Michelle - Thanks! It totally was!

  5. I've put photo faces to my characters before, but never music. That's so awesome. I love that Paramore song, too!

  6. I love this post! My characters are so in my head that I can see them and hear their song. Your coice for Cam is so perfect for my male protag, Jack, it's scary! Love it! Love it! Love it! Did I mention I love it!

  7. Fun fun:) I used to do this, but then eventually got frustrated because I couldn't find ppl who matched just right, and the then ones I found who were close got stuck in my head.

    It's like how I'm stuck seeing stinking Rob Pattinson for Edward, even though he's ugly and so not how I originally pictured him.

  8. Cindy - Clearly your taste in music is superb. ;)

    LW - LOL! Apparently we both write hot guys. :)

    Natalie - Yeah... I was feeling the same way with most of the actors/actresses I found. I didn't find these guys until I'd almost given up. It was really a great way to get in their heads though.

    Elana - I KNOW RIGHT?!

  9. Cam's song the video gave me goosebumps. That video concept is quite the story isn't it?

  10. that's a great idea. I might try it next time I'm bored at work.

    By the way, Cam is a great choice.

  11. This is so fun to see who you envisioned. I have a really hard time finding people for my characters. I've tried this before without success. Maybe I'll have to try again.

  12. Amber - I know! I love that idea.

    Patti - Thanks :) He is perfect.

    Candi - You should! It was really SO fun!

  13. Saving Me is one of my favorite songs by Nickelback, and I do have a sort of plot percolating in the back of my brain that was sparked by this video. I'll race you to write the book first. ;)

  14. mmmmm love me some Cam! :) totally not how I pictured Lexi, but I do like your selection.

  15. Jaime - haha... the funny thing is... I bet they would turn out totally different. :) Let's both do it! :P

    Karen - hehe, I thought you'd like him. I'd be curious to know how you pictured her :)

    Angie - Thanks! I try ;)

  16. AWESOME!! LOVE Cam as I already told you in my email, but now I have a face for him and boy oh boy do I like it!! He is HOT! How fun! I wish I were a writer just for the fun of finding an actor to play my characters.......can I say jealous much!!

  17. Stephanie - LOL, I'm happy to see you agree with my choice. :) Let me tell you... it made editing the end of the book SO fun last night.

    mmm... :P

  18. Thta is so fun! I love reading a novel and deciding who I would chose to play each character in a movie.

  19. Ah, okay, I know I'm a little late catching up on Google reader, but yay!
    I love your pics and the songs!
    Btw, that hottie (Cam) I first saw in The Jane Austen Book Club. For real. The line from the movie the girl uses is, "He looks at me like I'm the ice cream and he's the spoon."


    Fun post!

  20. I loved this post so much that I just had to award you for it. Stop by my blog sometime and pick it up!

  21. What a fun exercise, to find real life people who flesh out your book characters. Sweet!