Monday, October 5, 2009

How Literary Agents are like Secret Agents

On first appearance, one may not think that literary agents and secret agents have much in common.

One would be wrong.

Literary Agents (hereafter referred to as LA because--well because my hands are tired) have many traits that are shared with our favorite secret agent--Bond, James Bond.

Just as Bond likes to keep his identity a secret, LA try to go incognito as often as possible. When out in public, they don't want to be 'made' unless they're ready to announce it themselves.

Similar to Mr. Bond, LAs are always up for a good martini--shaken, not stirred.

Bond seeks hidden (or stolen) treasures. LAs frequently have to attend large gatherings of people and non-chalantly look for that elusive diamond in the rough--although most would prefer the diamond to be polished to perfection.

And the final similarity.

Bond has his damsel in distress to save. LAs have their aspiring authors. Not all of us are as pretty, but maybe we have more lights on upstairs. What? I said maybe.

So, you've seen the evidence. What do you think? Does being a Literary Agent take them one step closer to wearing tuxedos or formal gowns and packing a Beretta?

I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.


  1. They are so like secret agents. I was just waiting for someone to prove it to me. Thanks for the evidence.

  2. What a fun post!

    Lynnette Labelle

  3. Lol, funny post! I'd say they're like secret agents because it's always so hard to figure them out. Or is it just me?

  4. LOL, cute! I'll have to agree with Cindy, they're hard to figure out sometimes. And it can be a bit like walking through a booby-trapped room. One wrong move and BOOM, you've been rejected! lol.

  5. They have a license to kill--egos that is.

  6. Heheh, fun!

    Does that mean my book about a spy will attract the spies. That might be nice!

  7. I see you're sending out query letters.... yeah! I hope it goes well and you are on your way. :O)

  8. Here's hoping we all get saved sooner than later.

  9. Yeah Pierce sooo handsome.
    Excuse my drool. (wipe)

    Great post I am not ready for an agent but it is good to hear something about how they operate.

  10. Thanks everyone and hi to the new visitors :) I'm glad you liked it. It was really fun. I think I'll do another one in a couple of days... comparing writers to Bond Villians ;P

  11. LOL You're funny. Now I'm going to be afraid that my agent is lurking around corners making sure that I'm writing. Shoot, I better get to work. :)

  12. I've always loved secret agents. Must explain my fascination with LAs. ;)

  13. How funny!

    Secret agents are just as complex as literary agents, very skilled.

    Blessings to you...

  14. Here's an idea, Jenn, maybe next time you could compare literary agents to chemical agents.

    Think about it....

  15. Hey, I just wanted you to know that I really liked your first paragraph on Nathan's contest wall. I couldn't bear to read more than a couple dozen but yours stood out. It made me want to read more. If I were a secret agent (I'm not) I'd ask to see the manuscript.
    Good luck

  16. LOL, you guys are awesome! I think you're on to something Mr. V. :)

    krisula - thank you for the kind note! I'm touched you stopped by to tell me that. Thank you, seriously. It made my day.