Friday, October 2, 2009

To Hibernate or Not to Hibernate. That is the Question.

In my family, on your birthday, you get to pretty much do whatever you want. And so, I am choosing to go into hibernation.

I've done this because, well, my body really wants to. In fact, this happens every year at this time. The first day my heater turns on, it's like it pumps some kind of sedative into the air. I get so very sleepy. Does anyone else have this problem?

I've started compiling and I feel I have some fairly substantial evidence that humans used to hibernate. I know science says no, but I think it should be revisited. Let me share my extremely scientific list with you:

1 - The whole sleepy when it's cold outside thing.

2 - Think about it: when do we have the big eating holidays? The winter--coincidence? I think not.

3 - Most people I know put on an extra layer of fat during the holidays, if we hibernated that would be gone by spring.

4 - Summer is when all the fun stuff happens.

I think you'll agree, it's pretty much irrefutable.

The good news is that while I wait for the scientists to get their acts together, I can begin my hibernation. How? You ask. Well, because they are currently preparing to do human hibernation trials.

The other upside is that it should make the "waiting on my agents who've requested phase" go by much faster. I mean this stuff is designed for space travel. It is the ultimate sci-fi writer's distraction technique.

So, I'll see you in the Spring!

P.S. Anyone mind if we reschedule Christmas?


  1. LOL This sounds good. Am I allowed to write during hibernation? Because I would just love to shut myself in a small room all winter and write. Wait, that's what I already do. Never mind.

  2. i too hibernate during the winter. but, um, Jenn? I think it's only're a couple months too early :)

    i'll be glad to undergo the human hibernation trials w/ you tho. do you think they could just mail my paychecks?

  3. Hibernation sounds good to me. I do it every winter, and I'm fine with skipping Christmas.

  4. I'll take it! But what to do about babysitters?

  5. Oh! And I didn't miss that. Happy Birthday!

  6. Hibernation sounds fantastic! As long as there's a lot of hot chocolate and bacon, I'll be good.

  7. Kasie - hmm... maybe some kind of direct mind link to your ms? ;)

    Alex - Being prepared is never a bad thing ;) and maybe we can do direct deposit.

    LW - LOL Bah Humbug ;)

    Janna - Make the kids hibernate too? and thank you ;) I'm having a lovely birthday so far.

    Elana - I don't know about the bacon, but the hot cocoa is a given.

  8. Sleep always make everything go by faster, that's what I tell my kids. If you want tomorrow to come, go to bed.

  9. I don't know... I have a real love/hate relationship with sleep. I'd rather have science develop a way for me to end my dependance on sleep.

    It's really been whittling away at my writing time.

  10. Yes Yes Yes, I wanna sleep and eat hardy meals. Our temps have been dropping around here and I even today I napped for two hours. None of this would be a problem if weight gain was not a side effect. LOL

  11. Your scientific deductions are very sound, and I have to agree. I need to hibernate. So why am I still up checking blogs?

  12. I want to hibernate! And I could plan it over a pregnancy so I can skip all the throwing up and back aches. I can wake up and have the kid. LOL!

    So does this mean you won't be blogging?

  13. I'm sure hibernation would be a great thing for me. Bears wake up about 40% lighter don't they. I could go in for that.

    (fyi--that green on black is hard to read. the purple on black is even harder. It could just be my old eyes.)

  14. Thanks everyone! I'm glad I'll be in such good company for the winter. :) No, I'll still be posting. I'm just playing around. Hopefully I fixed the issues with the text colors. Thanks for the tip!

  15. It's your birthday?! Happy Birthday! I think you should be able to do whatever the heck you want on your birthday, including hibernate!

  16. Thanks Candi, I can always count on you to be supportive. ;)

  17. Ahh to live the life of a bear. :) Go hibernate, you deserve it.