Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Avatar vs. um... Avatar

Okay so, I'm not the first to admit I'm wrong about something...maybe the ninth, or twentieth, but you are all here to witness it.

I was wrong about James Cameron's Avatar.

*pause for gasps*

Let me begin by explaining what I was actually wrong about.

You see, it all started with the same old story. Girl meets airbender, girl loves airbender, girl gets mad at famous movie director for naming his movie after the airbender show *cough* James Cameron you and your bazillions are dead to me *cough* all know how it goes.

Yes, I confess. I love the real Avatar, aka the Last Airbender. Because of this love, I admit, I acted childish. I may or may not have yelled "Pick a new name you big copy cats!" everytime I saw those tall blue people on my TV.

Harsh? Yes. Don't mess with my loved ones and nobody has to get hurt.

But now, I admit--I was wrong. James Cameron's Avatar, by any name, is AMAZING. Don't get me wrong. The Last Airbender still has my heart, but I've grown. I've discovered I have the ability to love them both.

And so, I dedicate this post to my Avatars. They both possess incredible worlds that I love to lose myself in. The writing, plots, and imaginations involved are among the best I've seen.

So, in the spirit of all I've learned, I say: Be you freakishly gigantic and blue, or short, bald and tatoo-covered, you are welcome on my blog. Thank you.

P.S. I am SO excited for The Last Airbender movie coming out this summer. Thank you Hollywood! I will now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.


  1. I just saw Avatar this weekend and I LOVED it. The 3-D version is amazing:)

  2. Me too - I absolutely, totally love the "real" Avatar. I (um, my kids) have all the episodes. Love it! I was a little bitter about the thieving of the name, too. I haven't seen it yet, but hubby and are are planning to go soon.

    I understand this post so perfectly! LOL! :-)

  3. I'm counting down the days till "The Last Airbender" comes out. It looks awesome!

  4. Melissa, Shannon, Kimberly - See? We're kindred spirits! I knew you guys were awesome! It's almost instinctual. :)

  5. It was an absolutely fantastic movie. And I'm looking forward to "The Last Airbender" as well. Glad you liked the pretty pretty blue people too! :)

  6. I must confess I don't watch Airbender Avatar, but the trailer looks great. Loved Avatar the movie. I'm amazed he wouldn't use a different name considering how many other things he could have named it. Go figure.

  7. Amanda - yes, blue is a surprisingly pretty skin color. Who knew?

    Patti - my feelings exactly. There are tons of other possibilities.

  8. I haven't seen either of these! Are we still friends? I guess I'd better get with the program.

  9. I have yet to see the movie! I will soon though. I mean, I refuse be the only person on earth to never see the two highest grossing films ever (yes, that means I have never seen Titanic, in its, I'm not sorry). Also, I have only seen a few eps of the animated television show, I'll have to spend some time with the nieces and nephews and become versed in its culture ahead of the movie. I suppose your excitement for that is equal to my excitement for The Lightning Thief.

    I am toasting of water to your admission.

  10. I haven't seen this movie yet. I'm glad you liked it. That makes me want to see it more. If James Cameron can soften your hatred over his name pick, then surely he can win over me, who has no qualms with the name pick. :)