Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blogs Can Predict the Future

First, if you haven't entered my Fantabulous Giveaway, you should. It is open for entries until 11:00pm MST on Sunday, January 17th.

Now, on to my discovery. It's pretty big, so feel free to hold your breath if you feel it necessary.

Blogs can predict the future.

I'll pause for shocked muttering...ahem...done now? Okay, I'll continue. More specifically, MY blog can predict the future. Allow me to demonstrate my proof.

In my last blog post, titled: Giveaway! - Triple Digits! - Back in the Saddle!, written on January 12th, I felt a compulsion (born primarily of caffeine-induced hyperness) to include an optional entry into the contest. It was written as follows: "If you have 10 fingers and toes, tell me how you appreciate them (come on, those opposable thumbs are useful people!)"

A mere two days later, I had a mishap. I may have caught my heel on a tiny hole at the end of my driveway, rolled my ankle and caught myself using my fully extended left ring finger...or I may have injured it skydiving.

Alas, we may never know the truth, but fortunately, how it happened doesn't matter. The vital (and easy to miss) fact, is that my blog KNEW! It knew I needed to appreciate my fingers and toes! It knew something was going to happen----It knew.

Now, I have no conclusive evidence to accuse my blog of sabotage...not yet. Who knows? It could be a conspiracy of many household and digitized objects out to teach me a lesson, or it could be the Universe communicating through this blog.

The investigation is ongoing, so I musn't say too much. Let me just say...if you see a post on here that includes lottery numbers, or possibly discusses the importance of essential body parts...consider it carefully. It could be a warning.

On that note, I'm off to "hunt and peck" away at my edits.

I may be here for awhile...


  1. I am death on wedding rings. The first one broke so many times at the place it had been soldered after re-sizing that eventually the band broke on the opposite side from being repeatedly bent and straightened. The second was supposed to be tougher. I kept bending the prongs, until one day I (luckily) realized the prong had broken off completely and the diamond was about to fall out.

    My sister had given me my grandmother's gold band, so I started wearing that, except it was a little big..enough that I worried I'd lose it while washing my hands. I'd just mentioned to my husband how I wished it fit better when I got bucked off a horse and tore a ligament in my finger. Now the knuckle is permanently swollen and the ring fits just fine.

    I think you can guess the moral of this little ditty.

  2. Kari - WOW! I don't know if you should avoid wedding rings or just being married, but after all that, I'd be considering all my options. ;) Luckily, I ran inside and got my ring off immediately (hurt like the dickens though), before it had a chance to swell too bad.

  3. Wow, from someone who is genetically designed to be clumsy - you guys got it bad!

  4. Oh, bad me, I am sorry about your pain, that sucks! Thanks for you lovely welcome on the last post.

  5. Lottery numbers? Sweet.

    You just might make splints and blog forecasting all the new rage!

  6. Oh! Well I'm sorry for your mishap, but so tickled by the way your shared about it. :) Heal soon!

  7. If you want to pass on any of your blog's hot tips, I'm open to the power of suggestion. :-)

  8. Jonathon - LOL, at least we're in good oompany. ;) As for the other post, you are very welcome.

    Terresa - You have seen through to my master plan!

    Janna - Thanks! :) I'm working on it.

  9. OUCH! I've slammed my finger in a drawer the other day, not as bad as yours, but still. It hurt. (I've also slammed my thumb in a car door before so I really do know how you feel)

    Feel better!!

  10. Yowzers! Good luck with the healing and that's spooky how you predicted the future.

  11. I should hurry and go write a post about how Oprah is reading my book and loves it so much she calls me and then calls the publshers and orders books to put under all her audience chairs *laugh*

    Ah, well....anyway---so sorry about your finger! write a post that you feel all better!

  12. You crack me up so much! LOLOL!

    Hope it gets better soon.

  13. What a horrible, mean blog! You provide it with witty content month after month and what does it give you in return? BAD BLOG!

  14. I do hope you get better soon. I know how it feels to have an injury that makes it hard to type.

  15. Oh, dear. I hope your finger feels better!

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