Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Giveaway! - Triple Digits! - Back in the Saddle!

I don't know how many of you have noticed...but as I am writing this, I have 99 followers. So, in honor of (hopefully this week) jumping to the LAND OF TRIPLE DIGITS!! (echo, echo, echo) I am going to be holding a giveaway.

Let's start with the prize, since that is the primary means of excitement in any good giveaway. The winner, will be able to pick any author attending the Life, the Universe and Everything (LTUE) conference in February. Some of the attending authors are: James Dashner - The Maze Runner, Brandon Mull - Fablehaven Series, L.E. Modesitt - The Recluce Saga, Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn, and many more. I will get the book and have it signed by the author - OR - I can also get a copy of The Time Travelers Wife - signed by Audrey Niffengger - OR - a dirty old sock.

THAT'S RIGHT! The Winner gets to pick! Are my giveaways cool, or what?!

So, there are several ways to get an entry. All require commenting on this post. Tell me what entries you qualify for and I'll pick the Winner randomly next Monday, January 18th.

If you start following me here or on twitter - 1 entry each

If you are already following me here, or on twitter - 2 entries each

If you have 10 fingers and toes, and tell me how you appreciate them (come on, those opposable thumbs are useful people!) - 2 entries

If you tweet about or link to this giveaway on your blog - 2 entries each

If you've ever taken some time off from writing or blogging, (if you haven't--may I suggest a vacation?) tell me a tip for how to get back in the saddle (see? the picture of the horse above was NOT totally random.) - Your tips earn you 1 entry each, but you can tip as many times as you'd like.

*Phew* I just used 12 parenthesis in one post, now that takes talent! Let the games begin. Entries will be accepted until 11:00pm MST on Sunday, January 17th.

P.S. There are two other really cool contests going on right now at some friends blogs. The fabulous Kasie West and the lovely Bree Despain. Go check them out!


  1. Hey! I just became your 100th follower! Yay me!

    AND I added you to my follow on Twitter AND tweeted with a link to your contest. :)

    (Aren't a good little soldier?)

    You have no idea how grateful I am for my fingers and toes. They make me happy. I can type ~ which is not only how I tell my stories, but how I keep in touch with most of my friends. I can hold hands with my honey. Or run my fingers through my children's hair. Happiness.

  2. Okay, so I am a long time Jenn fan on both your blog and on twitter. I think the easiest way to get back into the saddle is to give yourself a routine. Not too overwhelming, but something consistent (so your fans know when to check back).

    What if I don't appreciate my toes (do I get negative points for that?)? After elbows, toes are my most easily injured body part. You have no idea how many corners, toys, or furniture I have kicked, reducing me to a whining baby curled up on the floor. Once I accidentally clipped my island so hard with my pinky toe that it broke. Talk about painful. Toes are the bane of my existence.

  3. Ali - Welcome and thanks! I loved your awesome comment and I've decided to award you an extra 2 entries for being my zany 100th! :) So nice to meet you!

    Kasie - I so love that you called yourself my fan. I must be cool. ;) After much deliberation, I decided that complimenting your toes was a requirement. I simply said to "tell me how you appreciate them," your answer is = you don't, and apparently for a well thought out reason. Thanks for sharing---you may need therapy. :P

  4. LOL! Jenn, you're a hoot. I may have told you that before, but it's still true. :)

    I follow you here and on Twitter. And I love my toes for balance; my fingers for clickety-clacking on the computer. (I have ten of each!) Oh, and I've taken two "hiatuses" ... you just have to lift one leg up, drop it over, and ride. It's your choice whether to start slow and feel your way down the path, or just get up and go at a galloping pace. Different stuff works for different folks. Good luck!

    Great giveaway!

  5. I follow you in every possible way! And I can't tell you how grateful I am for my fingers and toes. I use my fingers to type and eat. My two favorite things and my toes to pick up toys and the ground that I don't want to bend over and get!

  6. Janna - Thanks, lady! :) thanks for the tips! I appreciate them.

    Candi - I follow you right back, lady. I find it hilarious you use your toes to pick up things...maybe you can help Kasie learn to do more than just trip over hers.

  7. I'm already a follower here and I'll look you up on twitter. Will post a link to the contest on my blog:)

    Ah, fingers and toes. Got to have those! How else would I be able to chase after my toddler and pull tiny objects out of her mouth that should not be in there. (Not that I leave tiny objects laying around all over the place, but you know how kids can are!)

  8. Woohoo! You've already gone into the over 100 realm. Congrats! I already follow you here and I refuse to tweet so this is it. As for getting back in the saddle--I just sit myself down in front of the computer and force myself. Sometimes it helps to just read the last chapter to jumpstart myself.

  9. Your link worked! Woot!
    I am a follower both here and on twitter.
    Tip to get in the saddle again: pick you favorite character of any book and movie and write a scene with that fav interacting with one or two of your own characters (Cam, Lexi, etc).
    I do love my toes and fingers. :)
    That convention sounds awesome.
    Click for My Blog

  10. OMG! This is the GREATEST. CONTEST. EVER! James Dashner and Brandon Mull are my two very favorite authors (Cornelia Funk and Patricia Polacco are not far behind)! You have no idea how I love them. *okay. takes deep breath*

    * Already a follower +2
    * 10 fingers and 10 toes to help me turn the pages of those books! +2
    * link on my sidebar +2
    * start reading blogs like crazy - that always motivates me +1
    * take a trip to the bookstore and stare at all those books on the shelves, imagining how great yours would look there +1
    * beg your critique partners for a serious kick in the butt! +1
    * make a bet with someone - competition is a great motivator +1
    * have a contest begging for great ideas +1 LOL!

    +11 total (for now) :-)

  11. Congratulations on the 100 mark! I just reached it too and am having a contest also... Though I must say... your giveaway is WAY cooler than mine!!

    Okay so points.

    +1 new follower here
    +1 new follower twitter
    +2 linked on my blog (sidebar)
    +2 just tweeted it! (@saramcclung)
    +2 I love my fingers because they type my stories :-) And I show that appreciation with manicures. I love my toes bc they kept me balanced for all my years as a dancer and they get pedicures!

    +1 TIP: I took a little break and all I can say is FORCE yourself to sit down, get into whatever mode you used to for writing (for me = listening to certain music) and type one letter after the next until that flow comes back!

    I think that gives me 9 entries :-)


  12. Haha!!!

    Okay... I've been a follower here and twitter for a while now, so that's +4 (I think).

    I really DO love my fingers and toes...I couldn't type, or play piano, or sew, or run easily, or bury my toes in the garden dirt if I didn't have them, could I? So that's +2 more.

    Getting back in the saddle? Hmmm....I'm afraid I need those tips, too. The only tip I have is read a really, REALLY well written book. That always makes me want to get to working making my own another well-written book. Does that count for +1 more?

    So let's see... that makes 7 entries. Yeah!

  13. Okay, I have to be honest. I just happened on your site today cause I was looking for reviews on this book, which I might add I am dying to read. So I only get the +2 for for a new follower both on Google Friends and on Twitter. But if I flash ya a smile will that help? :)

    You know, I am so thankful for my fingers and toes. Without them, I could not turn the pages, hold a pen, type, walk, balance or having anything to paint with my daughters. I am so grateful that God has well equipped my body with every appendage I need.

    I posted this giveaway on twitter http://twitter.com/HeartnSoulmom/status/7763519051

    Thanks so much for the awesome opportunity to enter my name in the giveaway.

  14. Melissa - Awesome! Got your entries.

    Lois - thanks! Great idea for the jumpstart!

    Karen - hi there :) Ooh awesome interactive scene idea. I'll have to try that.

    Shannon - LOL! I love your enthusiasm, lady. :) 11 entries, now that's commitment!

    Sara - Thanks! And congrats to you too. I'm going to head over to your blog tonight to check out your giveaway.

    Kathleen - Yay for 7 entries! Well done. :)

    Cheryl - Welcome! So nice to meet you. Good luck! :)

  15. Dude! I'm going to be at LTUE too! We'll have to mingle. :)

  16. Drawn in by the possibilities of winning James Dashner's novel, and signed no less, I discovered a really cool blog! So, as of right now I am your newest follower, I know more will follow, this place feels magnetic.

    Okay, so, I can tell you I appreciate my toes and fingers, but like any relationship, we get in fights. Last MONTH, I stubbed my right pinky toe and it is still black and blue. I have been wrapping it up in a soft Band-aid blanket since, but it has been reluctant to heal. I think we are on the mend, though. At least I have been apologizing a zillion times a day (and cursing under my breath).

    Also, about getting back on task.

    Cookies! Peanut butter no bakes, to be exact. They take little time to make, but you will likely savor them for days. If you aren't into that sort of thing, try this, http://www.colorflip.com/

  17. I wish I lived in Utah so i could mingle with all you girls. I will be out there for two weeks in April though and attending some of LDStorymakers. Anyhow. This is a great contest. (And you have already passed up 100. Awesome!)

    *Already a follower +2

    *I didn't know if you know this fact about me I have more than 10 finger and toes I have twenty. I have 10 fingers and 10 toes. :) I'm a nut too. But I love them because I can tap my toes to the wonderful music that inspires me while I'm typing about the crazy people in my mind. +2

    That is 4 entries for me.

  18. Jonathon - Listen, anyone who pops by, calls my blog "magnetic", confesses about fighting with his toes, and discusses the merits of no-bake peanut butter cookies...well, you should feel right at home here. :) So nice to meet you!

    Amber - I wish you could come too! It's going to be awesome. LOL about the twenty...yup, you caught me. I'm a lazy blog editor.;)

  19. Congratulations on 100 followers!! And thanks for the amazing contest :) I've been wanting to read The Maze Runner for a long time!

    +1 Start following you here
    +2 Was already following you on Twitter
    +2 Fingers and toes are amazing! You can't really do much without them. Most importantly, you need them to type and to flip pages in a book!!
    +2 Tweeted: http://twitter.com/chloeeesays/statuses/7849367577


  20. Chloe - Thanks for entering! Nice to meet you. :)

  21. I'm a little late in arriving to the party. School gets in the way of all the cool contests. *sigh* But congrats on triple digits!! :)

    I've been a blog follower for a while, but just started following your twitter. (+3)

    Twitter comment (+2) @Amanda_Cathryn

    I have and cherish every last one of my fingers and toes on a daily basis. Not only do I use them to write, but I also need them to play my beautiful cello and horn. (+2)

    Wowzer, fun contest! That makes 7 for me. Have fun at the conference, it sounds fantastic!

  22. Amanda - Thanks! And school is on my list of forgiveable excuses for tardiness--so, not to worry! ;)

  23. I follow you everywhere, including to LTUE!! I can't wait for you to show me the ropes. So, uhm, does your contest mean we can take our books for the authors to sign? I may need a rolling backpack. Which brings me to my appreciation of fingers and toes. I appreciate the fingers that will be signing my books at LTUE! I appreciate my fingers which will someday sign millions of autographs in my own books. ;) I appreciate my toes that help me to balance and also allow me to paint pretty colors on my toenails. Thanks!

  24. YOu rock! And so does this contest! You weren't kidding. Dang if I wasn't so busy this past week, I would've stumbled across this earlier and shouted it out for you!

    Wahoo! JENN IS MY HERO!!!!

    And er, I love my fingers and toes because--even if my mom thinks they're ugly--i think they're beautiful. especially, since I learned how to type, and walk!

    And yeah, I've just got back in the saddle again... it takes awhile to adjust to the awesomeness of blogging again, but it's SO MUCH FUN!!!

  25. Okay folks, this Giveaway is officially closed to entries. Thanks for participating, I will post the winner on Monday! :)

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