Friday, March 12, 2010

Important Things--Like Confidence...And Socks

Have you noticed how much confidence kids have? Let me tell you about a conversation I had with my 7-year-old son the other day. We'll call him Guillermo (what? It makes me feel exotic).

Guillermo - I don't know if you know this, but I'm an incredible dancer.

Me - I know, I've seen you dance, you're very good.

Guillermo - Yeah, but that was last week. I'm pretty much a professional now.

Me - Oh yeah? How did you go from being very good to a professional in a week?

Guillermo - I decided to try some new things, and I did, and now I'm a professional.

Me - I know you're awesome, but I think the definition of professional means you get paid for doing it.

Guillermo - (pauses to think) Well--then you should start paying me.

So, here is my question. How do we go from having that kind of abounding confidence in ourselves and our abilities as children, to doubting every move we make as adults? I know many talented writers that question themselves and whether they can really do it on a daily basis. Many even let their insecurities get in the way of them finishing their projects...or worse, make them quit.

I want all of us to take the next week and be a little more childish. No, I don't mean you should start pulling each others hair and throwing spit wads. I mean that we should try and push our insecurities aside and believe in ourselves a little more.

When we do, we may just end up looking as awesome as this kid.

Oh! And about the socks. One of our blogger buddies, Tristi Pinkston, has a book coming out next week, and in conjunction with that, she is doing Operation Sock Hop in which she's asking people to donate socks to those in need. Go check it out and give, because there is nothing more important than making sure everyone can have toasty tootsies. ;)


  1. Yeah. I wonder where it goes. I guess the years wear us down.

  2. I won't lie, those are some pretty wicked moves that little guy had!

    I also agree with you. I think discouragement can be very destructive to a WIP. We do need to have a little more confidence. Great post Jenn! =)

  3. Lotusgirl - unfortunately, I think that is true

    Carolyn - I know! Doesn't he rock?! :)

  4. I just LOVE the way kids think! I would give a lot to be able to recapture that kind of positivity and confidence. :-)

  5. Now that kid LIVES! I'm seriously bustin out the moves now. *butt slap!* ;)

  6. LOL! He dances better than me! AWESOME! Love this post!


  7. That was so cute! Hopefully, So you think you can dance will still be on when he's old enough. :)

    And I also wouldn't mind having the metabolism I had when I was a kid either.

  8. Okay, that kid is the most awesome thing on youtube since Charlie Bit My Finger!

    I do think some kids are more confident than others...


  9. Oh heck yeah! That lil boy has mad skillz. I wish I could get him in my studio for an hour or two. My teachers would eat him up. ;)

    I know what you mean about kids...

    At Halloween I ran into a 10 year old Michael Jackson (flashy glove and all) and I asked him if he could dance like MJ. He said yeah and busted some moves. I told him I could dance like MJ too and he said "show me."

    Not to brag, but I did a performance for a remake of Thriller a couple years ago, so I KNOW some MJ moves. I broke out a couple counts of 8 and his eyes glistened with amazement. Then he got control of himself, waved his hand dismissively and said, "girls can never grab themselves as good as boys do."

    How could I argue with that?

  10. That video was so cute and hilarious! Almost as cute as "Guillermo's" dancing. :)

  11. *laughing* look at him go! that is the cutest thing ever!

  12. Hey, Jenn! Oh how funny! How ever did you manage to keep from laughing? They are so cute! I bet you dance too and that's where they've learned to dance!

    You are so right about kids not being tainted by worldly junk. They are so free and so themselves. We could learn from them. Thanks for sharing thi

  13. It's gotta be the hormones. Once kids reach their pre-teens/teens and they get all hairy and awkward and gross, all that wonderful self-confidence must scream in horror and jump off a cliff. I also blame Disney. If Mufasa can be King of the Pridelands and still end up belly up at the bottom of a gorge, what hope is there for little ol' me?

    That kid is AWESOME. He looks like he could teach some seasoned club dancers a thing or two! Hilarious! :D