Monday, April 12, 2010

Who Me? Yes, You. Couldn't Be. Then Who?

I'm back! My vacation was wonderful. In the interest in promoting the activity of people watching (after all being observant is a necessary characteristic of any good writer) I'll be doing a post on Wednesday that will detail the many--many things I learned about people in good old Las Vegas.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

For today, I want to direct you to my very FIRST EVER blog interview! Yes, the lovely Dorothy Dreyer somehow confused me with someone important and asked me to do an interview. (Don't tell her she intended to interview someone else, it will be our little secret. ;) )

So go stop by my interview and tell me what you think. I had a fun time with it and my odd personality may or may not have shown up in full force... I promise nothing.

I'm happy to be back. See you on Wednesday! :)

Also, go check out Sarah Wylie's blog with what could possibly be the Best. Contest. Ever. ;)


  1. Saw the contest, and welcome back. Going to the interview ..... now.

  2. I saw the interview. It was great. And wow on the contest. Now I just have to enter.

    Glad you're back!

  3. Welcome back! I'm heading over for the interview now.

  4. Oh yes. Vegas and people-watching? Like glove and hand.

    Thanks for the links! And the interview. :)

  5. Great interview, Jenn! I'd like to know more about these "gym" accidents. *steepled fingers* Gwa ha ha!

    Glad you're back from Vegas! (Saw a missed call from you and I'll call you asap!)

  6. I enjoyed the interview Jenn - fun to get to know you better. Oracle - sounds great. I really want to read I'm Not a Serial Killer - did you feel it was gory? I like intense - don't like gory.

  7. So glad to have you back Jenn! I'll go check out your interview! =)

  8. Welcome home! Glad you made it back safely. I've never been to Vegas (gasp...I know). I'll be interested to hear your take on it.