Friday, September 24, 2010

Anyone Else Feeling Stalked?

At first, I thought it was flattering to have people pay so much attention to me. They seemed to be interested in everything about me. I tried not to blush and answered some of their questions--not all, of course, a girl has to maintain some of her mystery.

Then it became constant. My e-mail barraged by an assault of every kind. The questions got more personal, more invasive.

Am I happy with my local service provider? Do I feel I have a right to inheritance money from a distant duke relative I was perviously unaware of? Am I in need of legal assistance? Do I have a drinking problem?

Now it's downright offensive. No! I don't need hot girls now or Viagra. I don't even need Vicodin, (although my supply is admittedly running low).

It's gotten to the point I've had to relegate these stalkers to an entirely different part of my computer. Their own virtual prison, if you will. I've hired security from a little country called SPAM. You may not have heard of it. It's so top secret they don't even put themselves on the map.

Are they perfect? No. Just today I had to call them to pick up some loser who dared to question if I made enough money (I'm a writer, is there really any question?). But, do they make my life so much better? Absolutely.

In honor of Friday. I wanted to take a minute to honor my SPAM filter. It makes trudging through e-mail considerably less daunting.

Anyone else have some every day convenience we should be grateful for today? Have a happy weekend my bloggies!


  1. Love your picture. I can just tell that guy hiding behind the tree is about to jump out and ask the lady if she wants penis enlargement.

  2. Tara,
    You saw that too? I'm so relieved I'm not the only one who recognized his intentions. ;)

    p.s. you are hilarious

  3. LOL. I had to create a separate email account for me, since my first one was invaded and then taken over by stalkers. I try to contain them all within that one email. So far, so good...

  4. Love the spam filter too. The best convenience for me is the microwave. Where would I be without it? Hungry I'm sure.

  5. Who are these people anyway? Okay, I understand where some of this comes from -- I guess I opened myself up for some of it.
    But some of this other stuff mystifies me. Were does it come from and how did they get my email address?

    Tossing It Out

  6. Mac's are pretty good at keeping that stuff out, but occasionally I get hit up for some pills or to send money to someone in England who has lost everything including their dog.

  7. I was thinking this week how annoying it is that every time I buy something or go ANYWHERE, I get a follow-up call to rate my service a week later. I understand companies want to make sure their customer service is good but calling my cell phone number constantly until I answer is just annoying!

  8. They must all be on a rampage lately because I've had the same problem! A barrage, I tell you, of sweepstakes, lost dukes, and free (or nearly free) viagra. :o)

    You are more positive than I'm about my Spam filter. Here's to honoring modern conveniences!

    Have a lovely weekend too, Jenn! :o)

  9. I'm with you on that one: thank god for the spam filter!

  10. Oh yeah! I love my filter! =) Have a great weekend Jenn! =)

  11. Toilet paper. I am VERY grateful for toilet paper today. =]

    It's true, my spam filter is a pretty generous little gadget. I should send it an email or something. ;)

  12. Ha, love the picture! Today, I'm grateful for the washer and dryer as my one year old smears banana all over his new PJs...sigh.

    And I'm always grateful for the spam filter!

  13. I love this. I love air conditioning. I thank God often for central air. I am one miserable person in the heat. LOL