Friday, November 19, 2010

Falling Down

There are so many parts about the publishing industry that knock you down and make you want to stay there. From the plot issues that keep us awake at night, to that first critique (not the one from your mom) that makes you want to hide under your bedcovers for days.

This is not an easy industry. This is not an easy profession. And we choose it anyway--we get back up.

We are not the kind to give up. We are strong and we persevere. Whether the words to be written are as daunting as your first synopsis or as exciting as the long awaited--The End. Every step of this journey takes effort and a super-human amount of patience.

I wanted to take today, not long before Thanksgiving, and say thank you to all my fellow writers. Thank you for not giving up, even when your stack of rejection letters and the Ben & Jerrys in the freezer are telling you it's the best idea.

Thank you for writing the books (published or not) that I love to read.


  1. What a heartening post! Thank YOU for posting such a sweet message. And Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  2. I don't think I'll ever give up, I just might take a break here and there.

  3. Thanks right back at you! The waiting and the need to persist don't end once you get published. You are right, every step of the journey takes effort and super-human patience!

  4. Love the pic, btw. And Jenn, thanks for the thanks. This industry is maddening. I haven't even gotten to the query letters and it is already a beast. People don't think about just how much work really goes into writing a book. It takes long hours, writer's block, and a ton of patience. What if Tolkien had given up? We would not have Frodo and Samwise and Gandolf too. That would be a sad day. Anyway, thank you too. Can't wait to read you works. Let us press forward and write. :)

  5. Since I've read Insomnia, I can absolutely say: No, Thank YOU! :)

  6. That picture made me snarf. I love it. I am glad not to give in or give up on myself and writing.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!