Monday, January 24, 2011

Find Your Inner Winner

I've spent the last couple of months watching my favorite NFL team, the Green Bay Packers. For those of you who don't follow the NFL; yesterday, Green Bay beat Chicago at Soldier Field to clinch their trip to the Super Bowl.

No one expected them to get this far.

They were #6 in the NFC and this is the first time in history that the #6 NFC team has gone to play in the Super Bowl. Their QB, Aaron Rodgers, is only now getting the attention he deserves. And their defensive line is--forget about it. Clay Matthews is just the bomb.

Here is my point (don't worry, I do have one). All of these players have been on this team all year, and they weren't doing anything remotely like what they've been doing in the playoffs. It wasn't until all the pieces clicked into place that they started blowing everyone out of the water.

This reminds me of writing. (Yes, I'm going there--don't judge a girl for being a football fan & a writer.) You can have all the right pieces, but until they fall into the right places, no one can see your book for all it can really be.

For example: you can have amazing characters and great character development, a cool story, a superbly constructed villian, and a romance to make Romeo and Juliet hang their heads in shame---but it won't matter until you have the writing skills to pull it all together.

So anyway, my point is. Keep writing. When you're happy, sad, discouraged or devastated by your latest round of rejections--just keep writing. This is a skill that will continue to develop the more you use it. And if you keep working at it, someday you'll get that call and find out you're going to the Super Bowl.

Until then, don't give up...



  1. I couldn't agree more. To develop skills, you just have to keep writing! And it so helps with the rejections, too! :D

  2. It's like finding all the right ingredients to make the recipe sumptuous.

    I have to say this is the first sport related inspiration pep, I've read and can relate to. Great post! (Hugs)Indigo

  3. As long as it's not the Utah Jazz who never could quite beat out the Bulls. =D

    Great post!

  4. Happy for you, but sad for my hubby. He's a Bears fan. :(

    I've been through several slumps with my writing. Sometimes it's hard to get back into it, but I'm trying. This is a great analogy!

  5. There's nothing like unexpected success to make all that hard work and practice pay off. :)

  6. Great advice and so happy for your Packers. It's great when your team wins.

  7. Totally needed this post today. =D

    And way to go, Packers!