Monday, March 14, 2011

Drumroll Please!

Okay... I love that jpg. It makes me giggle.

So, I decided to have two winners to this contest and my reasons are twofold.

1 - you are all awesome

2 - I've seen writer friends struggle with their queries and it's no good. Makes me want to cry and curl up in bed with french fries on their behalf.

So, I used the random number generator at and the two winners are...

Christine Bryant


Lori M. Lee!!

Congrats ladies, get me your e-mail addys or just send me your queries to jenn at jennjohansson dot com except, you know, the real way, and less all cryptic and such.

Thanks to everyone that entered! I might do a contest like this once a month or so if there is enough interest in it and it seems to be helping people... let me know if that sounds like a good plan.


  1. Darn, but congrats to the winners.

  2. Congrats to the winners, and I think you SHOULD do a monthly thing, cuz that would be awesomesauce :)

  3. Gotta love the old school Atari graphics.

  4. Nice! :) And yeah, I love that pic too. Makes me all nostalgic.

  5. Ah! I never win anything, this is awesome! haha. Thank you so much!

  6. Holy Cow!!! I never win anything. Guess I can't say that anymore cuz this is the ultimate WIN!! Thanks for being so generous with your talent as a query writer. Can't wait to see what magic you weave with mine. It's a mess.

  7. Jenn, you rock. Just sayin.' Proud to know you.

  8. Okay, awesome. With a few people interested, I'll probably start doing this kind of giveaway the first week of every month or something. :)

    LOL @ Lori and Christine! Congrats to you both!

    Candice and Renee - I'm so glad I'm not the only who loves that graphic! :) There is definitely a reason we are friends!

    Robin - aww shucks. You're making me blush. ;) Thank you!

  9. Congrats Christine and Lori!

    And thanks for doing this, Jenn.

  10. Congrats to the winners! (And that pic totally had me laughing. Man, I needed that. ;)