Monday, March 28, 2011

Limitless - Why I Wish I Lived There

I saw Limitless this weekend and today I'm listing all the reasons I wish I lived in their world. ***Slight spoiler warning... I reveal almost nothing about the plot, but I do talk about some things in the movie. Consider yourself warned.***

1 - Bradley Cooper... need I say more?

2 - All editors apparently receive an assistant with their promotion. How cool is that?

3 - Bradley Cooper... I've loved him since Alias. For the record, I doubt the sanity of any secret agent who isn't interested in him... *sigh*

4 - As an unknown writer, it is apparently perfectly normal to have a book deal, and an advance, before you even write a chapter. It sounds like heaven!

5 - Yes, it bears repeating... Bradley Cooper

6 - Writers drop off their books, in hard copy, on their editors desk. This could be fun...

7 - Robert De Niro-- what? I can have other interests!

8 - It is possible to clean up the messiest apartment ever, get a makeover, and write an entire book in four days. Note: due to this movie, I now blame my messy house on lack of brain enhancing drugs-- it's a difficult claim to argue with.

Well, what do you think? Want to live in this world with me... and, of course, Bradley Cooper?


  1. I LOVED Alias! One of my favorite shows ever! This movie looks great! I honestly never heard of it until a few days ago...
    I heart Bradley Cooper as well. I just watched him in The A-Team. He was very nice eye candy. ;)

  2. You had me at Bradley Cooper and along with Chantle, I totally loved Alias.

  3. Works for me ... even if he is too young for me. ; )

  4. Definitely! Especially as per your last point. :p

  5. No one else is saying it, so let me be the first--cool new blog design! :)

    Brain-enhancing drugs would be good... so long as they're not addictive, have no side-effects, and allow your brain to resume completely normal function after cessation of said drugs. (Meth will let you do all those things in 4 days, but you'll be sorry later. Also, the book will suck.) :-D

  6. If I lived in that world with you does that mean I would have to share Bradley with you? :P

  7. Chantele & Patti- I feel like having a total Alias party right now!

    Donna - No such thing... you know, assuming they're past college age. ;-)

    Danyelle & Robin - I know, wouldn't it be nice? Not worth using meth, of course... but nice. And lol about the book sucking, Robin... Sucking = no good.

    Monica - Hmm... the questions is, will I share him with you? ;-)

  8. Jen and Chantele - I'm up for that but who gets the red hair.

  9. But Jenn, you almost forgot Bradley Cooper! ;) *rawr*

    Eh, the premise doesn't really excite me, but I'll probably see it when it comes out on DVD.

  10. Before even reading your post, just looking at the movie poster, I was like, Bradley Cooper's in it? I'm in. :)

    Have you ever seen the made for TV movie "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks"?? It aired five or six years ago. I loved this movie. Bradley Cooper is in it and it made me love him even more. You should watch it.

  11. Hardcover on their desk? I don't know...I kind of like the idea of being surprised by my cover. But Bradley Cooper? That, I'm down with.

    Love the new blog design!

  12. OH man! I didn't finish reading because I haven't seen the movie yet. I'll have to come back next week. Hope it's a good movie!

  13. Ahaha. If only life were that simple. And...well..Bradley Cooper...need I say more? ;-)

    <3 Gina Blechman