Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh, Agony, Misery, Woe

My post title is dedicated to anyone who has seen "Into the Woods". ;) Two more ridiculous princes have never existed.

After a very late, and astoundingly awesome night with my new writer's group... I woke up this morning with a terrible cold. Talk about a let down.

So, I wanted to use today to talk openly about the World of Stupefying Suck that writing can be... and more importantly, the reasons we do it anyway.

One of the hardest things about being an aspiring author is the self-doubt and that inevitably comes with it. You are putting something of your own creation, something that was born of your mind and developed in your soul and you're hoping against all reasonable realities that somehow your skill will eventually be good enough to do that creation the justice it deserves.

And somehow, at some point, you will always fall short.

Whether it's your drafting, your description, your ability to see the big picture or the tiny details that matter. At some point, justified or not, you will always feel like it isn't good enough.

After that... it's easy to give up. But we don't.

We want to keep going in spite of it all. I believe that all aspiring authors are secretly optimists posing as the destroyers of worlds. We make our characters lives terrible and we give them our pain and live it out through them. We might not be able to punch our struggles in the face, or smash their fingers under our oh-so-hot stiletto heel, but our characters can.

Through them, we can win.

That's why I keep writing, keep fighting, even when some days it feels like I've lost the war. Why do you?


  1. "Stupefying Suck that writing can be"

    I must read one of your books!

  2. LOL! Thank you. ;) You made my day.

  3. You always make me smile, Jenn. I keep doing this because (besides being delusional) I hope that eventually I will learn enough, to be good enough. I want to do as you mentioned "be good enough to do that creation the justice it deserves."

    My problem is I keep worrying I'm like one of those American Idol contestants. You know the ones. They can't sing worth a darn and they ought to know it. Perhaps they're delusional, too. Maybe the people who love them haven't had the heart to tell them they suck.

    I keep writing because I like the stories in my head. Even if I can't get them across to anyone else, I've enjoyed the creativity ride. =D

  4. I married one of those princes! He actually did that duet for musical theater. He still sings it occasionally. I love it!

    Sorry you have a cold. Get well soon, friend.

  5. I think it comes down to one thing: we LOVE to write. That fire carries us through doubt, disappointment, etc., etc., and keeps us going. As writing guru Jack Bickham said, he doesn't know any writers who failed, but he knows many who quit.

  6. Ah, the stupefying suck. I'm well acquainted with it. :)

    Like you, I keep going because I have this outrageously stubborn belief in myself. It's small, and deep inside, but that little bugger will. not. die.

    So I keep going, hoping/believing that one day I'll look back and say, "See? Aren't I SO glad I didn't give up?"

  7. Hope you feel better soon, Jen!

    (also, I didn't think anyone else remembered Into the Woods, so kudos to you!)

    Yeah, sooner or later I get to the point where I realize just how far my ms is falling short compared to the story in my mind. I get so frustrated, but I can't give up because I know everyone else gets just as frustrated with their own stories.

    This post is a great reminder, thanks!

  8. One of the great things about writing is that we can always complain while doing what we love. (Who doesn't love complaining?) :) After we get published, we can even complain about the grueling touring schedule, the bad reviews, and the pressure to write another book.

    Just like those poor princes, we wouldn't keep coming back if we weren't hopelessly addicted to the drama. :)

  9. This was in inspiring post! Well, I keep writing because I love it, and because I'm an only child, and I'm used to get things my way, lol! So when I found out this was a difficult road I signed for it! HAH!

  10. Why? Because it makes me happy!Even when every aspect sucks, I'd still rather write than not.

  11. LOVE stupifying suck! Lawd yes, sometimes it is.

    But . . . yet . . . yes, we keep on doing it, don't we :-D

  12. This is fantastic Jenn! Great, great, great.

  13. I've been feeling that doubt lately, too. I'm trying to press on and hope that despite the suckage, I'll create a story--a real story that resonates on paper. It's this elusive thing. I know it when I see it. Now how the hell do I DO it?