Friday, April 8, 2011

Reasons I'm Not a Hairdresser

Sometimes, I just feel like a change. I don't necessarily know why, but I usually cut my hair or something relatively tame. This time, I decided it would be fun to go a tiny bit darker.

Yeah... that's what I said... TINY.

My copper-red hair would be fun as a light auburn, right? Yeah, that would be cool. I should try that.

But what do I add to red hair to make it a light auburn? Some kind of brown, right? Sure... that sounds good. So, I went to the store and found a medium brown with red highlights.


So I bought it and put it on my head... but when I rinsed it out, it was not light auburn. It wasn't even dark auburn.

Blackish-Purple. My hair is now Blackish-Purple.

I screamed and then asked my son if he thought it looked okay. He said, "No, Mommy. It does not look good. Are you a vampire now?" No, I'm not kidding. For reals.

So... after much thought... I've decided to make the best of it.

I can wear the color orange now, and even pink. Also... I'm going to invest in some black studded gloves, boots and a collar. What? These are perfectly logical decisions!

It's going to be hawt.

So, now I think I'm going to be happy about it. Why not?

After all, how many people get to have hair that is maroon in the sunlight (these are the sunny pictures) and violet in the shade...

Not. Many.

Not many at all.

So, what genius hair/style decisions have you made lately? Do tell. It will make me feel better to know I'm not alone in my idiocy. :) Also, everyone have a GREAT weekend and come back for my superly mega awesome giveaway on Monday!!


  1. LOL! You brave soul, even posting pictures and everything. Personally, I don't think it looks bad at all!

    Umm, the worst hair experience I ever had was when I was in sixth grade and my mom convinced me she could do a home perm. Nuff said, right?

    Have a great weekend, Jenn. :)

  2. Are you a vampire, Jenn? I personally like the new wardrobe you're considering, especially the black studded gloves. I think you should get the finger-glove kind. And then paint your nails black.

    My worst hair catastrophe was inflicted on me by in a salon in Ohio. I called it "the bullet" because it was a combination of the bowl cut and the mullet. I cried forever... You're hair actually looks really good in the pictures.

  3. LOL i've done lots of crazy things with my hair, as i too tend to change the hair when i've got an itch.

    When i've ended up with way too dark of a color than intended this is what i do: Wash it--several times. And make sure it's not with a "color-protective" shampoo. You need the cheap shampoo--it strips the color out and will gradually lighten it with every wash ;) After a couple times, that color will lighten and the read will start to show through again. Then you can go back with the good shampoo/conditioner and make your hair soft again. good luck!

  4. that would be "red" not "read" showing through. lol

  5. I agree - your hair looks great. My worst was going to a hairdresser and my hair was close to black. I asked if they could fix it, but they wanted me to sign a waiver first. I lived with the dark hair.

  6. Anita - I blame you! ;-) It really is growing on me and I'm for real wearing an orange shirt for the first time in like... decades. Yeah, the perm--I have friends who needed therapy after a bad perm. Definitely, nuff said.

    Candi - Maybe... what you gonna do about it? Oh yes... the bullet. Those were good (and slightly horrifying) times. Only you could pull off a look like that. ;)

    Pendragon - I might have to try that. For now, I'm giving it a few days to see if I can deal. I'd rather not strip my hair if I don't have to. But I'll keep it in mind if it stays too dark for too long... and yeah. red. ;) got it.

    Patti - Haha! I love it. Arbitration agreement over a hair color. Yeah, I'd have walked away too. :)

  7. I think your hair looks great! Really. The picture doesn't make it look bad at all.
    My worst hair story was when I was in 6th and 7th grade. My mom chopped my hair past my ears and permed it. Yeah. It was that cool.
    When I was engaged to my hubby I walked into his room one day to find he had blown up my seventh grade yearbook picture (which was HORRIBLE) and hung it on his wall. I was SO mad! And so embarrassed! It's a good thing I can take a joke, because anyone else would have left in tears! I just ripped it down and threw it at him, warning him if he ever did it again, he may not have kids in the future. LOL :D We had a good laugh about it.

  8. It looks great to me! (And now I'm horribly envious of your curly hair.) The worst hair I've had was when I was a kid and my brother had the same haircut. Or I had the same haircut as him. Neither of us looked good.

  9. Woohoo! Own it, sister! Bright purple, at least for a while, does everyone a little good. :)

    I regularly dyed my hair black in college, then decided to do bright blue streaks for a while. I liked it, but since I worked in the art department, everyone was always commenting that I had paint in my hair. Ah well.

    Congrats on the hair, the agent, and just being frigging awesome!

  10. OK, you are still very beautiful! Maybe more people will notice your gorgeous eyes now. I think sporting a collar would be sweeet! You could totally pull that off. :)

    Honestly, your hair doesn't look that bad!

  11. Chantele - Oh, I so have pictures like that. My mom has stick straight hair and she had no clue what to do with curly hair. *shudders* My pictures belong in a haunted house on Halloween. Seriously.

    Ruth - Thanks! And about your brother... that sounds like a therapy session in the making...

    K. Marie - SO JEALOUS! I've always wanted to dye crazy stripes in my hair, but I've never dared... Maybe this misadventure will help me get the courage!

  12. Michelle - Haha... Okay, shopping for a collar now. ;-D

  13. But does your skin sparkle in the sun. Maybe you should invest in some sparkly lotion and really freak your kids out.

  14. Cathy - I'm not going to lie. I like where you're head is at. *runs off to buy sparkly lotion*

  15. Hey, it's only hair!! It grows and you can change it later on!! :) But I think it looks good!! It's good to do somehting different every once in a while!! :) Good luck!!

  16. Hello fellow Jenn who has one more "n" than I do! (I have a "y", though, and that's sumpin!) I did almost exactly what you did, except I went from blonde to dark blackish burgundy, and right between two job interviews. I had the first interview on a Monday and then they called me back for the second, and my hair on the return visit was the color of poisonous wine. They gave me some raised eyebrows for sure. But I got the job!

  17. I made the mistake when I was 9 months pregnant to let my husband pick up my hair dye. He's been with me before, he knew what color my hair was. Should of been a safe bet - not.

    I never even looked at the box, put the dye in and waited it out. I had bright purple hair (supposedly burgundy). So yeah, my daughter was born to a mother with purple hair. (Hugs)Indigo

  18. Stephanie - Thanks! Yeah, I think it will be fun and you're right. It's only hair.

    Jenny - Hello and welcome :) I love that you went to two interviews with completely different hair colors... at least you still got the job. Maybe they liked your creativity. :)

    Indigo - Yay! A purple hair buddy! :) At least I'm not alone! :)

  19. Oh, this was so funny. I don't even color my hair anymore because the last time I tried, a lot fell out. It was horrifying. Your facial expressions are adorable.

  20. Sarah - ACK! Okay... I'll stop worrying about it being a little dark. It could obviously be much worse. Thank you, you're such a sweetie!

  21. Okay, Jenn...after I quit crying, I have to admit your hair doesn't look bad at all. But you KNOW I've always loved your hair and call it your crowning glory. 'Nuff said..

    I have a personal story to share. I also have curly hair - well, more wavy, not nearly as curly and thick as yours, of course. Anyway, one day I let it "go wild". I went to my daughter's house and my grandson came running out, joyously calling, "Grandma! Grandma!" like he hadn't seen me for years. He was about 4 years old. He took one look at my hair, stopped short a few feet away and said, "Oh! Your HAIR! I wouldn't do THAT again!"

  22. Brenda - Hi! Haha... yeah, kids are definitely honest about their feelings. :) And my hair will grow back out, so no permanent damage.

  23. You know how I feel about your hair! I really like it! Now tell me, did you buy those purplish black boots? LOL

  24. You're a writer. People expect these things from a writer. You have to admit, we're not *normal*. Just tell people you're trying to get into character. They'll believe you...

  25. Monica - still shopping... I'll keep you updated. ;-)

    Anna - I like the way you think. Totally going to try that. :)

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  27. You brave soul, even posting pictures and everything. Personally, I don't think it looks bad at all! ........