Monday, April 11, 2011

Words Giveaway!

I love words, and I love giveaways, so I thought... what better way to start a new week and welcome some of you new fabulous followers (Hi! *waves*) than to do a giveaway involving words.

*pauses for silence in honor of pure genius-ness... geniosity... er, being smart*

So, my fave new word I've discovered is:

earworm: a tune that is heard repeatedly in one's imagination

K, this happens to me all the time. It's about time someone made up a name for it.

So, here are the details in the giveaway. 1 point for commenting, 1 point for following, and 1 point for telling us about a new cool word. You can also earn extra points if you want for retweeting, blogging, fb'ing, shouting from rooftops while wearing a shiny hat, whatever... 1 pt each. :)

The reward? The winner can choose between 3 awesome word-related choices:

1- a copy of the word-a-rific Matched by Ally Condie
2- a signed copy of the scarily (& wordily) awesome I Don't Want to Kill You by Dan Wells
3 - or a query make-over... which also may involve some words.

I'll be taking entries until Sunday night, April 17th at midnight, Easter time. And I'll announce the randomly picked winner in next Monday's blog post.

Can't wait to see your words!


  1. 2 points for following/commenting.

    1 point for my cool new word :

    A thingumabob, doohickey or whatchamacallit.

    “Pass me that oojah,” you might say. You could mean some useful little device which doesn’t have a name, or something which does have a proper name but which you’ve temporarily forgotten.

    americangirlie1991 AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Cool contest :D I'm a follower!

    And omg, I have earworms all the time. Mostly, they drive me nuts lol.

    A word I discovered this weekend is somniloquy, which is the act of talking in one's sleep!

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  4. This sounds fun! I am a follower. Around our house, we discovered the word Frowsy. With five kids, frowsy breath and it's description can really cause some giggles.

  5. I think toothsome is a funny word. Coconut cream pie is so toothsome. (Delicious or pleasing to the taste.) It also means someone who is "attractive". So, my hubby is a toothsome fellow. ;) I'm a follower! :D

  6. LOL. Fun idea, Jenn. I am a loyal follower. New word, huh? Hmmm...

    woodnote = a verbal expression that is natural and artless.

    fuggy = stuffy and stinky atmosphere

  7. My made up word is imaginem.

    It's a gem-like image that gets stuck in your head and just kinda sparkles there, waiting for you to dig it out.

    Cool contest!

  8. Haha! And I thought MY contest was creative! Love this. :)

    I follow you, I RT you, and I'm commenting. But I'm scared of heights, so no shouting from the rooftops, even with a hardhat. lol

    And to think, I could win something for just dropping by to appease my curious nature ... which leads to my word: catechize--to question closely.

    This is so fun! Hope you get lots of players. :)

  9. Candice just raved about your queries so I totally want to win the query makeover!!! Pick me pick me! (oh yeah, that darn randomizer)

    Earworm - that just gives me the heeby jeebies! And what fun reading other commenter's new words! So I went to word of the day and discovered "m├ętier": An area in which one excels; an occupation for which one is especially well suited.

    I am already a follower, I am tweeting this now, and I'll put it on my sidebar. So thats 5 points total I think?

  10. Sounds like fun!

    My word: ragout: to revive the taste from.

    +1 for word
    +1 for Twitter shout out

    I'd love to win Matched!

  11. This makes me laugh! We were just talking about earmworms last night, and Karma Chameleon came up.

    We use the word "gerbil" in our house as a verb. It means "to spill". As in, "Don't gerbil your punch onto your new dress!" or "I gerbilled my drink all over your keyboard. Sorry, Mama."

    I commented, gave you a lovely word, am following, and tweeted about it. I'm also wearing a tiara, but I think that has more to do with my tiny daughter than anything else. Have a lovely day!


  12. Dude! I love all these words! Excellent job everyone. I might have to make a blog post that includes all these... :)

  13. This word is not new to me, but it's one of those words that cross language barriers, thus my infatuation with it: PASSION.
    It's the same word in French and English. :)

    New follower: +1
    Comment: +1
    Word: +1
    Tweet: +1

    Your contest is very original. Hope I win those books. :D

  14. Hey, I'm a follower and I'm commenting!

    And in case anyone was wondering, that space between your eyebrows: Glabella.

  15. Hmmm, I won't win based on a points system since I only follow and comment, but I want to play!

    Just seconds ago, I learned the work impluvium from an A-Z blog about the Roman Empire: It's interesting and educational!

    My best guess for impluvium was a torture device that was used to impale (who said the Romans were peaceful), but it's actually a rain water repository inside the atrium of a Roman house. I'll be searching for ways to use this word in everyday speech. :)

  16. Basorexia is a word I came across that made me smile. The desire to neck or kiss.

  17. LOL, I was thinking about a word, and all I could think about is: ECOYOYO

    It's what my 2yo calls "school" in Spanish.
    I know, it has nothing to do, that's why I love the word, lol.

    I'm off to tweet about this contest!

  18. Great contest! I follow, commented and tweeted!

    My word is scooruu - a deep seated fear of Scooby doo.

  19. Brilliant contest, Jenn!

    Here are a couple of interesting words for you:

    Wanweird - "Hard lot, ill fate, misfortune." or "An unhappy fate."

    And the next one totally cracked me up:

    hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - "The fear of long words."

    Ironic, yes?

    Enjoyed the contest and reading everyone's entries!

    +3 - Already a follower/comment/words