Friday, May 20, 2011

Following Trends

Awesome agent, Mandy Hubbard, posted this week about what is currently trending in YA and MG.  The the hilarious Kiersten White posted her idea that will meet all the trends.

My own personal opinion is that writing to trends makes you look every bit as silly and Kiersten did in her post, and a LOT less funny. Trends in this industry come and go so fast and the business moves so slow that timing is really all about luck.

Write what you love, work hard at your craft and eventually the rest will work itself out.

BUT if you happen to be, let's say revising to go on submission for a supernatural psychological thriller right when Mandy Hubbard says something like, "MANY editors would love a thriller/suspense/horror. Most said more of the psychological kind, not the slasher/guy-with-a-chainsaw kind, but there was room for both, really. If you've written something seriously, insanely scary, you're in luck."

Well then, you deserve a cookie.


  1. Woot! I totally thought of you when I read that blog post yesterday. Looks like you have a winner, Jenn! Yay! It also gave me a little hope for mine. I'm crossing my fingers for both of us! I'll be waiting for an awesome blog post from you, just like Kasie's! :D

  2. *hands you a plate full of homemade chocolate chip cookies*

  3. It is rather a crazy soothsaying gamble, isn't it? The slowness of the industry suggests that all bets are off, and writing what one loves is the only way to fly.

  4. I couldn't agree with you more. And I also can't tell you how hard I laughed when I read Kiersten White's post yesterday.

  5. Hi Jenn, I'm a new client of Kathleen's, and wanted to stop by & say hi. Thanks for the link to Kiersten White's post--that's hysterical! Trends come and trends go, but a great story is never out of style.

  6. Hey Jenn!
    I just joined the pied pipers and thought I would check out the members blogs:) I also see you are represented by Kathleen, I am interviewing her on my blog in June...she seems like a sweet heart.

    As for trends, I used to get bogged down by them because I would be writing something and someone would tell me of this book that sounded like the one I was writing.

    Finally I just had to ignore it all and write what felt right. Who knows where the trends will be in a couple years.

  7. lol You totally deserve a cookie. Probably more than one. :) Isn't it nice when you happen to have written a book that matches what people are looking for. Win win.