Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo & Signed Book Giveaway!

Buenos Dias mis amigos! I moved my Friday post to Thursday this week because I'm going to a conference this weekend and I wanted to be festive for this awesome Mexican holiday.

My son is in a Spanish Immersion track in his school and today I'm going to a local Mexican restaurant with about 100 elementary school kids who've all been assigned to only speak Spanish during the outing... did I mention I know about 5 words in Spanish?


Also, I'm SO excited about the conference this weekend. I'm in a master class with 3 other writers and the amazing Dan Wells...for THREE HOURS. There are only 5 people! That's a serious amount of quality time with one of my fave authors. I'm so excited to learn from the Master of Freaky-horror-dom (<--I was thinking of making him a button that says that. He can wear it next to his "I'm Not a Serial Killer" one. What do you think? ;)

What are you up to this weekend? Do you know any phrases in another language that you could teach me for my lunch date? It doesn't have to be Spanish, I'm open to anything at this point.

Tell you what, the best (not necessarily most helpful--be creative!) foreign language saying that is left in the comments gets a signed YA book from one of the awesome authors at the conference this weekend. :) Yay! Giveaways are FUN! Contest ends Sunday night, I'll announce the winner in Monday's blog post. Now teach me! :)


  1. Sorry, my Spanish is limited to finding the right food at the store or on the menu.

    Pollo is chicken
    Carne is meat
    Caliente is hot

    I do know some Latin if you want to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to the kidlets in a second language.

  2. Oh Dan is absolutely amazing. You are going to learn so much! He is such a master of the craft - good luck!

    This phrase just cracks me up:

    Spanish: Vale, puedes quedarte a mi lado, siempre que no hables sobre la tempertura.

    English: OK, you can stand next to me as long as you don't talk about the temperature.

  3. Oh - for the contest- all right. :o)

    Mica, mica parvu stella
    Tuos, verus satis bella
    Lucem super hoc mundo
    Vellut gemma in caello
    Mica, mica parvu stella
    Tuos, verus satis bella

    (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in Latin... the case endings might be off and V should be pronounced like W, C is K)

    Other fun Latin phrases I'm trying to work into a book:
    Adesdum, tibi nullus effugio- Come hither, for you there is no escape.

    Potius morti quam se agere- Rather to die than go to you

    Other random Latin:
    Vah! Denuone Latine loquebar? Me ineptum. Interdum modo elabitur
    - Oh! Was I speaking Latin again? Silly me. Sometimes it just sort of slips out

    aut vincere aut mori
    Either to conquer or to die

    A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi - A precipice in front, wolves behind (again - there's a story in there)

  4. Wow! You guys are awesome! *takes notes* :)

  5. Disculpa, podrias decirles a estos niños que es una maleducacion el burlarse de mi aunque no les entiendo?

    "Excuse me, could you please tell these kids that it's rude to make fun of me, even though I don't understand them?"


    Por favor, diles a estos niños que todavia tienen que hacerme caso aun que no hablo español.

    "Please tell these kids that they still have to listen to me, even though I don't speak spanish."

    I thought these might come in handy...not that children would ever make fun of someone if they thought they could do it without that person understanding.

    Have fun at your lunch thingy, and especially at your conference (Storymakers?). I'm really jealous!

  6. I have no grasp on Spanish. But I do know that pollo is chicken and loco is crazy. I think that's because we once ate at a place called El Pollo Loco. I don't remember if it was any good. But I am kind of crazy. Maybe it worked?

  7. The phrases my husband says in spanish are offensive so I'll try the only French phrase I remember from high school.
    Ooh la la. C'est chouette. I guess the French use it like, oh yeah, that's cool, but c'est chouette really means small cabbage. Sorry, kind of lame, but it's all I've got.

    Have an amazing time at the conference! I'm so sad to miss out this year but the cute bambino needs me more.

  8. Good luck at the conference, Jenn!

    Oh man, I love learning useless things in different languages! It would have been so fun to have an immersion program in school...your son is lucky!

    Okay, some of my fav phrases are:

    "Ich finde dein mangeln an Hose storend."
    German for "I find your lack of pants disturbing." Always useful.


    "Fang ma gou lai!"
    A rather incendiary Chinese phrase meaning "Bring it on!" (literally: get off your horse and come over here) I always like to tell writer's block to "fang ma gou lai!" so I can kick the crud out of it.


    "Permaneced sentados por favor"

    The Spanish part of the iconic "Remain seated please" part of the Matterhorn ride in parents use to tell us that all the time: church, in the car, EVERYWHERE. We wouldn't actually sit down until they told us to in Spanish. :D

    Again, have TONS of fun at the conference!

  9. Dude... you guys are awesome! I'm cracking up here! Keep them coming! :-)

  10. After 2 1/2 years of high school spanish, I remember two phrases:

    Donde es el cuarto de bano?
    (Where is the bathroom?)


    Donde es el ferrocarril?
    (Where is the train-station?)
    I can still remember my spanish teacher trying to teach us to roll our r's on that that one ;o)

    Hey, at least I'll never have to pee my pants while looking for the train-station in Mexico :o)

  11. My husband just adds an 'o' to the end of every sentence and claims it's Spanish.

    "Pass the remote-o"

    "I like this movie-o"

    Yeah, he thinks he's pretty funny. :) BTW, he doesn't do this all the time (that would be really obnoxious) just on occasion.

  12. What a FUN giveaway and awesome incentive. here is what I have: "Nin-hao da-yu wo-de-mingzi-shi Katherine" which means "hello big fish my name is Katherine" in Chinese. We learned this from a friend of mine (who is Chinese) when at an Asian market and saw a fish. It was all the rage to say hello big fish in Chinese when I was in middle school...

  13. LOL... I love it. Most of this is so deliciously useless. My favorite kind of foreign phrases!

  14. How did it go?

    I don't know much Spanish either. But I did take Italian. This is my favorite Italian saying:

    "In boca al lupo, crepi il lupo."

    It means, "In the mouth of the wolf, may the wolf die." Basically, "Good luck!"

  15. Google translate really helps! Good luck on that...

    Here's a sample lol

    Hi can I sit beside you? don't worry I don't bite.

    Spanish translate:

    Hola ¿puedo sentarme a tu lado? no te preocupes que no muerden.

    Google is a good teacher you know! xD

  16. Ack! It's been forever since Spanish class. I do remember a few:

    Lo siento : I'm sorry
    Como estas? : How are you?
    Yo voy al bano : I'm going to the bathroom
    Cuidado! : Careful
    Me llamo es-- : My name is--

    I know Filipino though.

    Kumusta po kayo? Hindi ako marunong mag-espanyol, pero magaling ako sa Tagalog. Kung pwede po, magsalita tayo nang Tagalog.

    English: How are you? I don't know Spanish but I'm really good in Tagalog. If you'd like, we can just talk in Tagalog.

  17. Trapos nuevos de su blog son muy bonitas.

    Translation: Your blog's new duds are very pretty.


    But don't put me in for the contest. I totally cheated and used an online translator. ;)

  18. And winner of a Whitney. How'd the class go? Was it sheer awesomeness?

  19. It was so nice to meet you Jenn! I wish I could have talked to you more! There was so much going on and honestly, it was a little overwhelming. :) I'm so glad I got to meet you though! I hope you're enjoying that awesome book you got at the Author's Incognito party! Ha ha ha ha!! :D