Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Dialog

For fun today, I thought I'd run through a couple of my manuscripts and post some random lines of dialog just to play around.

Let's see how messed up I really am, shall we?

"We should take bets on whose leg he'll break this year."

"You just said you are dying. How can it not matter?"

"You guys do anything new or did he follow the routine and act like he wanted to put you in his blender?"

"No, but in your hands I'd consider even this over-sized roller skate a lethal weapon."

"Could you please throw me your coat? I've made a lot of stupid mistakes tonight, but I don't want to add 
getting arrested for public indecency to the list"

"This whole sheltered innocence thing you've got going on. It's awesome."

Now how about a little internal dialog... characters talking to themselves are always fun. 
~~Being a zombie sucks rocks. I'm sure the whole feasting on human flesh thing wouldn't be so bad eventually--and man would I love to see those snobby cheerleaders run when they saw me coming. Talk about zombie vengeance at its best. But Mom and Dad wouldn't let me anyway. It'd be breaking "the zombie 
rules" and what's worse than being a teenage zombie? Being a grounded teenage zombie, that’s what.

~~Now they are just dying--just dead.
And I don't regret what I've done.

How about you? Any fun, random (internal or external) dialog from projects you'd like to share? What is your favorite line in your books? In any books?


  1. Ooo, fun game! (And yes, your characters are a little whack. I love that about them!)

    I want to post something random from my WiP. I think I'm going to steal your idea and do it on my blog.

  2. I love those! The grounded zombie and the over-sized roller skates are my favorites.

    Here's a random line from one of my projects:

    “It looks like a tasseled tea cozy climbed onto your head and died.”

  3. This was fun! Thanks for sharing. :) I might steal this idea too!

  4. Definitely not messed up. I love the idea of a teenage zombie.

  5. Awesome dialog! I love seeing other people's talent at work:)

  6. Okay. I'll do just one. :)

    "What do you want me to think? A guy shows up in my room one day, claims he's a fairy godmother, and I'm just supposed to think everything about that is normal?" I rolled my eyes. "You," I started, "are not normal."

    I loved you sentences! That zombie one sounds AWESOME! :)

  7. *your (I'm having a rough week! lol)

  8. Those are great!!! Teh Zombie one is awesome!!

    Here are a couple from my debut, A Bitch Named Karma:

    She’d been waiting for this day since the doctor spanked my ass and yelled, “It’s a girl!”
    I liked the spanking part of that deal, not the girly things that usually came with owning a vagina.

    If she really wanted to give me what I needed, she would hand me a pair of dull rusty scissors and Zak’s penis.

  9. Candi & Julie - Yay! I love being a trend-setter! :)

    Jeni - haha tea cozy, I love it!

    Chantele - A guy fairy godmother? Cool! :)

    Stephanie - Wow, lol, you went all Lorena Bobbitt on me. Things just got spicy on this YA blog... simmer down, lady. :P

  10. Hi Jenn. Still at it, eh? Very good. Fun character quotes, by the way. I should really try to check your blog out more than every five months.

  11. K, the roller skate one? Killed me. Seriously I LOVE your dialogue!