Friday, July 22, 2011

The Infamous Car Crash Story

No, this is not my car, but it felt fitting.

So, keep in mind that this accident happened exactly two weeks after I turned 16 and got my license. I was driving up the on-ramp onto the freeway on my way to school one morning. It was rainy and foggy and I couldn't see very well. It looked like the car in front of me was slowing down, but the brake lights weren't on so I thought it was just because of the fog. I slowed down a bit anyway... but not enough. By the time I realized they were actually at a dead stop (it had been hit by a hit-and-run that bent the metal into it's tire), it was too late.

I plowed into the back of them and it bent my hood up like a tent so I couldn't see anything. I was wearing my seat belt so I was alright, but after a minute I heard these chilling screams coming from the car in front of me. My first thought was "Oh no. I killed someone."

I'd just unbuckled my seatbelt when we got hit from behind and I slammed my head into my steering wheel. My thought switched to, "Oh no. I'm going to die." Just after I'd clicked my seatbelt back in, we were hit again... and again... and again.

Finally, the carnage stopped for long enough that it felt safe to get out of the car. At this point, I'd hit my head more than once and I was in full-on shock. Keep this in mind, as it effected every decision I made from this point forward.

The girl in the car in front of me looked fine, but she just kept yelling. Totally incomprehensible. The people in the cars behind me were all coming off of the air force base and were part of some kind of Norwegian delegation. Not a single one of them was speaking English...none.

Thus I came to my next totally logical conclusion--I'd somehow damaged the part of my brain that understood English. I was absolutely and thoroughly convinced that I was going to have to go back to Kindergarten and learn my own freakin' language all over again.

And so the fun began... tune in Monday for the rest of this story. :-) And have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, how terrifying! Did you get a concussion or whiplash from the repeated motion of hitting your head? One time my mother-in-law was driving and I was in the front passenger seat, my hubby in the back. We were at a complete stop because the traffic light was red, but the guy behind us probably didn't pay attention and we got rear-ended. The force was enough to give my mother-in-law a whiplash (I wasn't hurt), and the crummy thing was the guy took off.

    Anyway, we had to take her to the ER because she didn't feel good. She was ok but her head and her neck hurt for awhile.

    Looking forward to the rest of your story.

  2. Oh man! What an awful experience!

    But how cruel to make us wait the whole weekend to hear the rest. :P

    Have a great weekend! (Better than the one you mention in the blog, at least.)

  3. Wow, how traumatic! Glad you didn't lose your English abilities. :) Can't wait to hear more.

  4. What a horrible thing to happen. Scary!

  5. OH MY WORD!! I can't believe that happened! I definitely want to know more!

  6. I would totally have done the same thing with unhooking the seatbelt. I would never have thought to look behind me... even now.

    Okay, I'm afraid to turn around now... what if there is a clown?!


    Can't wait to read the rest. :)

  7. Ok, so this has always been my favorite Jenni story. I still share it to this day when people talk about funny car accidents. It fits you perfectly. I suppose I won't give away the ending. Thanks for giving me a laugh today. Love ya! Cherilyn

  8. Okay, that is the meanest way to START a post (scared the CRAP out of me) and the meanest way to END one. Hells bells, Jenn. At least we know you're good at hooks!

  9. You tell a horrific story like that, and then leave us with a cliffhanger? You should write for TV.

  10. Aww. That experience must be really devastating. Well, I hope the police came into picture and helped you guys out. And I do hope he speaks English too, so that he would be able to gather all the important information clearly. Anyway, the good thing is that you weren’t extremely hurt, and that you’re okay now, my friend. Next time, just remember to slow down especially if the weather is not that good. Take care!

    Amy Baron

  11. I thought your car was really up on that roof and you fell from somewhere. Hehe! Seriously, I’m glad that the girl was ok and there no damage was done. Well, I guess there’s none. It’s just nice that you managed to post the accident with humor and you still managed to think about a fun day ahead. Take a lot of care on the road, J.R. :D

    : Cindie Guevara

  12. I know this post speaks of the accident that you’ve experienced, but I can't help and be entertained with the way you wrote the story. Years have passed already. I hope you’ve recovered from the trauma of the accident. Did you file a case?

    Howard Kurtz