Monday, July 18, 2011


Today, I am posting from my iPad 2 in a hotel room. I'm in a tiny Wyoming town visiting family. This town has "Welcome to the mountin man Rondezvues!" on a sign and a horse coming out of the supply store... No rider, just a horse.

I love this town.

My nephew is turning 2 this week and we thought this would be a good time to come and see him. We had him for about 10 minutes before he got a fever and spots all over his back. Turns out, a child with chicken pox is not a good party companion.

I know, who knew, right?

So, I was thinking about traveling and how so many people come back from a vacation or road trip with great stories. And, I'd love to hear yours. On Wednesday, I'll post my favorite road trip story from the comments (assuming you leave some), along with one of my best road trip stories. The winner will also receive the strangest road trip souvenir I can get my hands on in this absurd little town.

Let the story-telling begin!


  1. The most memorable vacation I've been on was the time when my parents paid for all the kids and grandchildren to go on a cruise for their anniversary so we could all be together. Instead, we all got the flu. One family after another was quarantined with the flu. We had a two year old and a baby in a tiny room with no windows and little to do to distract them. Plus, room service kept messing up our orders for food, which was bad when we were sick anyway. Ugh. Anyway, my husband swears he will never go on a cruise again, it was that fun.

  2. Junior Mint Butt. That is my road trip name. And that's all I have to say. And you shouldn't make fun of that horse for buying its own supplies. I mean that's a pretty smart horse. Now, did you clear this out of town trip with me???? Because how am I supposed to get the daily update with you being out of town?? Hmmm???? Yeah, that's what I thought. You didn't think about me and my needs, did you? :)

  3. A couple months ago, my husband brought me along on a work trip and when we got into our hotel room he did his usual bed check. There was hair all over the sheets and pillowcases. Like someone had cleaned their brush in the bed. Nasty. He didn't even get to his bathroom check.

    After a swift call to the front desk, we hopped back in the car and drove around the other side of the hotel where we were greeted by a intense looking man standing on the curb. He was dressed in all black and on the ground next to him was pet carrier with a cat inside. Along with a gigantic bag of cat litter. He stared at us as we got out (which may be because we were in my hubs sheriff's vehicle and he probably thought we were coming for him). He says, "Hi."
    My husband says, "Hey."
    He continues to creepily stare at us as we get our bags out. My husband looks back at him.
    Cat man (as we referred to him the rest of the trip) again says, "Hi."
    My husband says, "Hey."
    Cat man takes his kitty and goes to his room. We grab our stuff and go to find our room. Which would be where? Yes. Next to cat man.

    The whole time we were there, I was positive I would be murdered by cat man while my husband was in class.

    To add to our lovely stay there was construction on a couple rooms down the hall which started promptly at 7:30 every morning. Wasn't happy about that since we were without kids and I was looking forward to sleeping in.

  4. I wish I could play, but I'm not a big traveler. Reserve me a space in the next contest, cool?

  5. For our honeymoon, my husband and I drove to Oregon, along the Columbia river, and down the coast. It was a 10 day trip, and I didn't know what to expect, so I packed everything I owned. Literally. Along the way, we stopped at Kalamath Falls, locked the car, noted a couple of grimy NON-tourists flirting with a forest service lady, then hiked down to the falls. When we finished our site-seeing, we went back to our car and found we'd been robbed! Someone had picked the lock on the driver's side (and not very professionally, I might add) and popped the trunk. They must have heard someone coming mid plunder, because they only took MY LUGGAGE. But they managed to nab every single bit of my luggage.

    A month later, we sat in our new apartment watching America's Most Wanted, and sat up in shock when we saw pictures of the two grimy non-tourists on the screen! They were wanted for armed robbery in Kalamath Falls.

    Sadly, though, it didn't mean I was any closer to getting my stuff back.

  6. On vacation a couple of years ago, we decided to explore this logging road in search of a waterfall. While we were up in the mountains, a storm hit and on our way back down, we realized that lightening had hit a tree and that tree had fallen across the road.

    We had to build up around the tree to try and jump over the log in our mini van.

    Good times.