Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Winning Travel Stories

So, those were some seriously awesome travel stories on Monday. I loved them and found you all very entertaining. My son helped me pick one and although he found several of you laugh worthy, he especially enjoyed the idea of minivan off-roading. 
Congrats, Patti! Send me your address and I'll send you the random bizarre souvenir I picked up on my travels this weekend. Here is Patti's story...
"On vacation a couple of years ago, we decided to explore this logging road in search of a waterfall. While we were up in the mountains, a storm hit and on our way back down, we realized that lightening had hit a tree and that tree had fallen across the road.

We had to build up around the tree to try and jump over the log in our mini van.

Good times."
Speaking of fabulous stories, on Friday, I will post my infamous story of my first car accident... seriously, it is infamous. 
Not even kidding.


  1. Ooooh! I'm excited to hear your story, Jenn! It sounds exciting! lol
    Congrats Patti! :D

  2. Patti, wow, I don't think I would've attempted that. I'd have called someone with a chainsaw or something. Did your minivan make it over??

  3. Did I mention it was raining. Thanks for the shout out Jenn, can't wait to hear about your infamous car accident.