Friday, August 5, 2011

Cool Things on the Internet

So, today let me tell you about some cool things I've seen on the internet this week!

This post showed me the very cool Kimberly Sabatini (KimmiePoppins on twitter) discussing what she's learned from her editorial revisions.

And here you can find some seriously creeptastic Mary Poppins dolls.

This is an amazing post by C.J. Redwine on what happens when you don't sell, and what happens when you do. Anyone who ever has been or ever will be on submission should absolutely read this.

And here is a weird glasses you could buy to drink red wine...or grape juice, if you will, out of.

Seriously! How useful am I today?! It's official. I deserve a break.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow, that post bt C.J Redwine is just what I need. Getting pretty sick on no myself...

    You helped my outlook too a few days ago with your post about being published in Germany. Taryn is actually the foreign rights agent for my agency too, and she had said she thinks my book will do well overseas, so it was great to see her sell something for you! It's good to know that even if things don't work out here the way I'd want, there are still other places.

    Thanks for the boost!

  2. Marian - I love Taryn. She's done amazing things for me and we're both lucky to have her working on our foreign rights. I'm so happy to hear that my story gave you a boost. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

  3. Totally thought the Mary Poppins dolls said "Horsehair" not "Horsman." And I was like "Yeah, that is creepy. Maybe people collect dolls with all kinds of barnyard animal hair. Cow hair and donkey hair feathers."

    Now...not as creepy. After seeing chicken feathers on a doll's head in my brain.

  4. Aww, Sara, how I love your comments. Half the time the only thing I can say in response is... what the??

    LOL, agreed. chicken-feather-head-doll wins on the creepiness scale.

  5. I loved C.J.'s post. It was pretty fantastic. And those Marry Poppins dolls? The ones with just heads? I totally want to make a baby Christmas tree and use them as ornaments. And put it up for Halloween. ;)

  6. Love the nurse glasses! Will check out the links, thanks.