Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dialog - Check!

Right now, I'm editing and trying to wrap some things up before I leave for WorldCon next week! (Can I get a Woohoo?!!) So, I'm going to keep this short and sweet today.

When I'm editing, I like to go through my dialog and make sure every line is necessary and either teaches or evokes emotion for the reader. I try to make sure it accomplishes whatever I need it to accomplish.

The dialog shouldn't repeat something that has already been stated in narrative and vice versa. I try to keep it as snappy and dynamic as possible, and make sure that each line really fits the character and sounds like something they would really say.

What do you watch for when editing dialogue? What do you struggle with the most?


  1. Wahoo!

    Ha, I think what I do most when it comes to dialogue is say it out loud - if it doesn't sound like someone would actually let those words come out their mouth, then out they go.

    My biggest problem is getting a little too clever with my dialogue and letting the pacing suffer.

  2. Sometimes I struggle to get my characters to shut up a bit. I mean, do they really need to talk all the time?

  3. Something I watch out for, probably because I do it myself and my family relentlessly teases me about it, is when my characters state the obvious. I don't want the reader saying, "Duh. Like we don't already know that."

  4. Thankfully I've been told that dialogue is one of my strong points. (yay!) It helps me to say everything out loud, just to see if it flows.

  5. I love writing dialog. I think about what I'm going to say in the real world all the time, so I suppose it gives me a chance to say all the things I keep inside.

  6. I read it out loud too! :D
    Hey, and thx for the RT, hun! <3

  7. Sometimes when I'm writing dialog, my characters start calling me unkind names. Really hurts my feelings.

    Anyone else have that problem?

  8. Keeping it fresh and real takes extra work, for sure. That's my problem--knowing the difference sometimes.

    Good luck with yours.