Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Sometimes, my brain is useful. It works hard. I put it on a task and I'm rewarded with great concepts, cool story arcs, and interesting dialog--pretty much on command. Other times I ask and it replies with only this:


And that is all. At times like this, I say, come on now. I know you can do this. Find me some information on brain chemistry... and five minutes later I find myself staring at this:

Which, as you can see, involves an entirely different kind of chemistry.

So, after twenty minutes of drooling, I close my window and open a shiny new Google search. I snap my fingers and give my brain a thorough talking to. Finding out information about obsession is crucial to the plot. Now stay on task!

Five minutes later, I find myself here:

Obsession? Maybe... The kind I was looking for? No----comment.

Hummmanahummmanahummmana... ahem.

Focus, yes...focus. New fresh Google screen. Brain, let's try something foreign. How about the temperature of water in near-drownings in Scandinavia? That's a nice, safe region. Or perhaps info on the volcano in Iceland? These are all important subjects. Let's look there.

Scandinavian - check...oh well. I give up. Apparently, my brain has no ability to focus today. So enjoy this eye candy on me.

Anything that seems to keep you distracted when you should be working?


  1. Wow, THANK you for that, lol--made my morning!

  2. Ahhh .... MY brain thanks you! ;)

  3. All of the above, + Facebook. Holy hell, they are lovely. The men. Not facebook.

  4. Nope. They don't really do anything for me.

  5. Oh my gosh, we have the exact same neural pathways. WEIRD.

  6. This is pretty much my exact same problem! Great post.. very distracting!

  7. Google searches are the death of productivity. I'm always searching for something pertaining to research, but I eventually end up looking at half naked guys. Or LOLcats. Or pretty landscapes that I wish I was living in. But usually, it's half naked guys. Mmm, shirtlessness...

    Ugh, I'm not going to get anything done now. Thanks a lot :P

  8. Haha, I'm glad you all approve of my distractions. I guess if I have to focus on something, besides my writing, it might as well be as jaw-droppingly hot as these guys.

  9. LOVE the eye candy. Just. *waves fan at face* Yeah. My kind of distractions for definite and sure. I get distracted sometimes...wait, what were you saying? Oh no, it was me. I was saying sometimes I get distracted yeah, email. And now pictures of sexy men. Thanks. A lot. (No really, I mean it, thanks!)

  10. I'm so distracted now. Oh well. It's the weekend. =)

  11. Now, why you gotta do that to a girl who's sitting next to her husband? Because you know he's not down with the drooling over eye candy thing.