Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to WorldCon in Style - Part II

And today we continue with more WorldCon tips! If you missed the first set, it is a tragedy and you must be chased by rabid dogs through the street--or you can just read up on it here. Now, we'll continue with our program.

Tip #7 - If a publisher has a GO. We met James Frenkel, Senior Editor at Tor, within seconds of walking into the party and we spent the next two hours chatting with him. We also met the very awesome and entertaining, Eddie Schneider, a literary agent at Jabberwocky. If you are looking for an agent and you haven't queried it! He's fantastic.
Hanging out with agent Eddie Schneider and a
fun new friend with a PhD in Physics is definitely picture worthy.

Tip #8 - Although, it is very cool to attend the Masquerade. It's also okay to be fashionably late...especially if you wear some unbelievably awesome corsets. Also...if you ever need a corset, you should buy it from the freaktastic ladies of Damsel In This Dress. Michelle (the owner) is amazing and SO fun. Everyone should have a corset...this may even apply to men. I haven't seen one in a corset yet, so I'm reserving judgment.
Dude, need I say more?

Tip #9 - If you have done the work to get yourself into a corset(not an easy task, but totally worth it), wear it to as many balls, parties, local gas stations, etc. as possible. Because who doesn't like to feel this fancy?
Also, making the "Blue Steel" face from Zoolander = never a bad idea.

Tip #10 - Stop by Friday to learn of the amazing coolness that is the BWB (Brothers Without Banners) and why you REALLY need to know them.


  1. FUN! And dude, I love Eddie Schneider! He was a great voice on my MS when I queried him.

  2. Looks so fun. And Blue Steel? Always a winner!

  3. Elana - How cool! Eddie is great and so fun to hang out with. Plus, he really seems to know his stuff. Always a good quality in an agent. ;-)

    Laura - yes, blue steel is clearly the way to go. :-)

  4. Clearly, you were with incredibly awesome people who are experts at the lacing up of corsets. And who looked hawt in them.

    These memories make me giggle.

  5. You guys look AWESOME! So jealous at all the fun going on here. :)

  6. Looks like fun times! Thanks for sharing your joy with the rest of us.


  7. You all are so lovely in steam punk! So glad you had an awesome time! :D