Monday, September 5, 2011

Cleo, the Secret Ninja Assassin

 This is my kitten, Cleo. She looks sweet and innocent. Who wouldn't love her? She's adorable, all cuddled up with every piece of electronic equipment in the house.

But she has strange habits, that I think can only mean one thing... 

Cleo, is a secret ninja assassin.

 She can find a hiding place anywhere...literally. Every time I think she's sleeping on the couch, I turn around and find her in a new hiding place.

Silently, she creeps around our house, waiting for an enemy to approach so she can jump out of a new spot and attack. Who she is waiting for, I don't know.

I can only say, I'm glad to have her on my side...
Plus, she's super cute when she purrs. ;-)

Happy Labor Day, my friends! And may you be safe from all kitty ninja assassins!


  1. So cute! She reminds me of my kitty, who isn't so little anymore. Enjoy the time she's a kitten!

  2. Ha ha! Too cute. Makes me want a kitty ninja. :)

  3. Oh, the cuteness. I'm overwhelmed by cuteness.

  4. Don't give in to the cuteness! It's her greatest weapon. ;-)

  5. I submit to the will of the kitten. The kitten is my master. Honor and glory for the master.

  6. Awww!

    Want. Kitten. Must. Have. Kitten.

    This post makes me miss my old kitty, Sophie. My favorite were her stealth attacks. She'd get down low, shake her little tail, and then pounce at my husband's leg. (She had a special fondness for attacking him.)

  7. Ha ha ha! She is too adorable for words!! :-)

  8. My little doggie is Cleo too! Not nearly so super secret and tech savvy. I laughed out loud at this post:)

  9. I think the hanger box is my favorite. Too cute!