Friday, September 9, 2011

The Highway Patrol Teaches Me to Break the Law

So, today I'm going to rant a little because, let's be honest, I'm powerless and frustrated and you are a semi-captive audience.

What? Yes. You are. Don't argu... Am I going to have to put you all under hypnosis again?! that you've settled down. I'll tell you my very irritating & true police story that happened this week--a.k.a. "How to alienate people in under 2 minutes flat."

**Disclaimer** I have the utmost respect for the police, and this guy would've been a pain in the a** in any uniform.

On Tuesday, I was driving home from a city almost two hours away. I was in the farthest left lane on the freeway and the traffic was pretty bad when I noticed a sign that said my lane was turning into a carpool lane. I wasn't familiar with this city and didn't realize they had a carpool lane there, so I promptly tried to move over, and out of the lane.

The traffic was pretty tight and I slowed down a bit, but there was nowhere to get over before the lane ended. Ahead of me a bit was the only break in traffic big enough for me to move over into, so I sped up a bit, and moved over as soon as I could. I made it less than 10 feet after the lane had just turned into carpool with a solid white line.

Immediately, a highway patrolman showed up behind me with his lights flashing. When I pulled over, rolled down my window and he walked up, our conversation went like this:

Him - "Do you realize I can put you in jail for that stunt you just pulled?"

Me - stunned silence, followed by, "Stunt?"

Him - "Yes. You were in the carpool lane without having two or more people in the car, you crossed the solid white line, and you were speeding. That's a trifecta which equals reckless driving and I can legally take away your license and put you in jail."

Me - *blinks* "But, I was trying not to break the law. I'm not from this area. I didn't realize it was a carpool lane there and as soon as I saw the sign, I tried to get out, but the traffic was too heavy, so I sped up a bit to get into the only open slot and out of the lane.

Him - "You're going to kill someone. Or you're going to kill yourself. Which do you think would be worse?"

Me - *is speechless*

Him - *sighs* " Do you even have a license?"

Me - "Of course I have a license!"

Him - "Well, I'm giving you a ticket for speeding and a warning for being in the carpool lane because I'd rather give you a ticket than have to go to your house and tell your husband and kids that you're dead."

Me - *hands over license and resists the urge to add 'rolling window up on head of an officer' to my list of offenses*

Keep in mind: I was in no way unsafe. I have a completely clean driving record. I was actually trying to obey the law, and the only time I sped up was to get out of the lane (and even then I was only going 6 mph over the limit).

Here is what I learned from this experience:
1 - He couldn't see in the back of my van. I'd have been better off to stay in the lane until I could get out without speeding up because he had no idea if I was alone or not.

2 - I've gained a new appreciation for the old Judas Priest song, "Breaking the Law."

3 - I hate people who let the power of their positions/situations go to their heads.

/End Rant -- Anyone else need to get something sucky off their chests? Let's get it out of our systems so we can have a fantastic weekend!


  1. GRRRRRRR!!! Don't get me started on this guy. Total bully. I like police officers but I've never wanted to punch someone in the face more than this guy.

  2. Wow, that's a little over the top.

  3. WhAT!??????

    Holy freaking crap I'd fight that ticket. My dad has fought tickets like that and totally won. That is ridiculous.

  4. Whoa. Serious? Okay that is not cool! I'm sorry you had to go through that! GRRRRR.

  5. One time I had to drop off my husband at the train station and on the way home this police officer, who was about 12 years-old, gave me a ticket at 5:00 am when there were exactly 0 other people on the five lane freeway I was on. He then proceeded to tell me I could go to traffic school if I had not had a ticket in the last 2 years. I told him I hadn't had a ticket in thirteen years (I was 30 at the time) and then resisted the urge to add, "longer than you've been alive." But I refrained. Mostly because I wasn't wearing a bra and just wanted him to go away.

    I would have been very frustrated with your cop. 6 over? Seriously.

    Oh, I just thought of another one. Last year my husband got pulled over by a sign that said speed limit 55 for going 50! hahaha. The cop said he was speeding about a quarter mile before the sign (which was in plain sight). My husband was very polite and then requested permission to take a picture of the the cop car, our car and the speed limit sign all in a row. The cop was a little stunned, but agreed. He sent the picture in and got the ticket negated. So funny!

  6. *has no words*

    I just -- must not say anything to refrain from RIPPING APART this section of our government.

    And the way people drive in Utah, I GUARANTEE you that there were AT LEAST FIVE other cars who were legitimately breaking the law driving past you as the guy pulled you over. I have no faith whatsoever in Utah's highway patrol, and probably would've asked the cop if his badge was metal or plastic.

    Bleep bleep bleeping people. Grr.

  7. I would be SO MAD! What a jerk.I don't have anything against police officers. Only the ones that let it go to their head and like to be a** holes to everyone. Grrrrr... You should totally fight it. That was seriously crap.

    And Candice? Your story was hilarious. *Note to self: Always wear a bra while driving. Even if it's five in the morning. ;)

  8. *shakes head* Sorry you had to deal with that. :-(

    Hope your weekend goes better!

  9. I see a rude Highway Patrolman showing up in a future book. That way, you get to...BOOK HIM, for disorderly conduct.

  10. Go to court and meet him there. Tell your side of the story to a jury. You might get out of that ticket and he might look like a dweeb. My hubby just did something like was worth it!