Friday, September 2, 2011

How to WorldCon in Style - Part III a.k.a. The End

So, do you feel educated about WorldCon yet? This will be my last posting, but I would be remiss to post all about WorldCon and not mention the amazing Brotherhood Without Banners. These were by far the most friendly and welcoming people we met at the conference, so today my post will be mostly about them and their sheer awesomeness.

For those of you who don't know, the Brotherhood Without Banners is a George R. R. Martin fan group. They have a forum that is 20,000 strong and an active and robust attendance at every WorldCon.

Also, they're SO MUCH FUN. So, back to our tips:

Tip # 11 - Read George R. R. Martin's (hereafter referred to as GRRM) A Song of Ice and Fire Series, starting with book 1: Game of Thrones (yes, the HBO series is based on this. Yes, these books are made of awesome). Really, this is a recommendation whether you go to WorldCon or not. And no, it is not a YA book and not really kid-friendly. Also, once you become a fan join their very cool forum and introduce yourself.

Tip #12 - Meet awesome people, introduce yourself, get pictures taken with them.

Cool Chair, Cool Girls, Cool GRRM...Just Cool
The very cool Lev Grossman, winner of the
Campbell Award with his Campbell Tiara...definitely the coolest part of winning.
The awesome Claire Brialey and her Hugo. Isn't it pretty? *pets*

Tip # 13 - Go to WorldCon and drool over the Game of Thrones' Throne of Swords.

Tip #14 - Go to every party the BWB throw because there is a very good chance these will be the funnest parties of the week. (Again, may I recommend wearing corsets? As I said, always a good choice.)
Have someone else take your pic though, I'm not so good at it...

Tip #15 - GRRM attends all the WorldCon BWB parties. He is beyond cool. At the public party, GRRM holds a vigil and quest for any who want to participate. Vigil = stay up until 2am or so. Quest = go and get some specific local food that GRRM requests for the Lords and Ladies of the BWB and bring it back. If you succeed, he knights you. I can't say this strongly enough...DO this quest. It includes ridiculous amounts of fun.

Tip #16 - Go with very cool people, and play very loud music the whole way there. Yes, this is necessary. No, you shouldn't question me.
We were sent to find the "Awful, Awful Burger"
at the Golden Nugget in downtown Reno.

Tip #17 - Driving across Reno at 3am with a van full of people singing "Tonight, Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae at the top of their lungs on a quest to find the Awful, Awful Burger in a strange city, and then standing in line with 30 other people at a tiny dive diner and hoping against hope that none of the local patrons grope you or anyone in your group = priceless.

Tip #18 - Now, I'm officially an "Awful, Awful Knight". Or, you may call me Ser Curlz, Unseen Knight of the Shade. Or just Ser Jenn.... or Hey You!...Let's be honest, I respond to anything, really.

Last and Final WorldCon Tip: GO! It is in Chicago at the end of August, 2012. See you there!


  1. You seriously look like you had a blast! I hope I can go someday! That Throne of Swords is AWESOME!

  2. So if I go next year, will I get to hang with you? :)

    And will you carry me around when I crash at midnight?

  3. Yep, still jealous. I thought I'd check and see if that had changed, but no, no it did not. :)


    I think...yep. I just cried a little.

  5. DUDE, you've been knighted by G.R.R.M??????

    That does it. You are now officially the Coolest Person I Know.

  6. Thanks for the Worldcon update.

  7. Dude, I love these tips. You should, like, teach a class or something. And seriously. Funnest. CON. EVER.

    ~love, Ser Bling, Unseen Knight of...something. Shimmering light? Uncovered light? Elevator light? Hm. Still thinking.