Monday, September 19, 2011

Still My Hero

It's September, and every September I remember that I'm so lucky to have a hero in my home.

This is Kid A. He's adorable, awesome and brave. At 9 years old, he reads so fast and much that I can't keep up with him, he speaks Spanish fluently, can do a wicked Mexican Hat Dance, includes everyone in the neighborhood/city when he goes outside to play...

And he's had type 1 Diabetes for 3 1/2 years.

From the day we pulled him out of kindergarten, took him to the doctor, and then the hospital--to the day when we tried out a new needle for shots or a new insulin pump--he has been brave and tough. Tougher than a kindergartener should ever have to be. Tougher than I was, most of the time. Even through the tears, he's always had hope, faith and courage.

He is everything a hero should be.

Every fall he participates in a walk to raise money so the "smart men can find a cure". Every year he is in the list of the top 10 fundraisers in our state

He's incredible and he reminds me of everything I should strive to be. He is my hero this fall.

Every fall.

Every day.

Who is your hero today?


  1. Kid A is definitely a hero. Definitely. My kids are my heroes too. Especially when they work so hard, remain determined through hard times, and always keep smiling.

    Go kid A!

  2. We need more heroes like this. Thanks for pointing him out to us.

  3. Wow. After reading this, Jenn, I'd say that HE is my hero today. :-)

  4. What an awesome kid. He's got a jump on being a future leader. Thanks for sharing your hero with us. Very heart warming and inspiring.

  5. Wow, what a cool kid! :) And that costume is stinking adorable!

  6. Definitely a hero! I don't think I could be that brave either.

  7. what a beautiful little boy! He does sound very smart and very brave- you have a lot to be proud of:)

  8. What a great picture. Having a niece who has type 1 diabetes, I know what she goes through and all I can say is he is very brave.

  9. He truly has inspired me on many a day! You have every right to be a proud mom!

  10. ...adorable post, J.R. I find it funny, my son often points the finger at me when asked who his role model is...but the joke's on him. It's the other way around ;)