Friday, September 16, 2011

Unhealthy Addictions

Lately I've rediscovered an old, unhealthy addiction. It's called Slickdeals and it makes me want to buy things that I never missed and yet, at that price, I can't imagine living another day without it.

For example, I found a "Silk Capelet--in Black" listed on there for a great price the other day. Do I know what a capelet is? No. No, I do not. Am I fairly certain I need one, nonetheless? Yes. Yes, I am.

I mean,'s in black. I'm quite certain I don't already own a capelet in black. Do you?

Another listing had a "22-Pack of Clif Mojo Bars--Variety Pack". I mean, the mystery is half of the fun. What exactly is a Mojo bar? What kind of Mojo does it give me? Am I lacking in Mojo? What, exactly, comes in this so-called "Variety Pack"?

So many unanswered questions! And the Candle Tumbler, the Fujitso Lifebook, the Logitech M260 Wireless Keyboard... ahem.

So, you know about my spill. Do you have any unhealthy addictions you try to stay away from?


  1. Oh dear. Move away from the capelet. Just kidding. Unhealthy addictions, hmmm. Checking email eleven billionty times in a day. Is that unhealthy? :)

  2. I'm off to check that site out! Now you're sharing your unhealthy addiction...:)

    I'm am unhealthily addicted to Doctor Who. Not just watching it, but reading about it, looking at pictures of the incredibly attractive David Tennant as the's really not good for me.

  3. Like Maggie, I'm horribly addicted to email. And to procrastinating . . .

  4. I have this addiction to being an internet Sherlock. Like, I'll find out about a certain book or news of a book deal, and the next thing you know, I'm researching their blog, their agent's blog, the publishers page, the editor's tweet feed, etc. etc.

    Some might call it stalking. I call it a healthy sense of general curiosity. ;)

  5. Right now my addictions are: popcorn, Words with Friends, reading to avoid writing, candybars and sleeping. But my addictions tend to change often. Next week it could be macrame.

  6. Why must you tell me your unhealthy addictions? I already have enough of my own, I don't need to add yours to my list. :)

  7. Doh! Why are you telling me about MORE places to shop for stuff I don't need? You know how bad I can be when armed with a credit card. *sighs*

    If I show up to the gym/gas station/ your house wearing a capelet, you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

  8. Are you trying to addict us all to this site. I mean I already own a capelet in every color, but still...