Thursday, October 27, 2011

To Russia With Love OR Hooray for Kasie West!!

Alright, a person who is totally and absolutely uneducated on about to educate you on Russia. Take copious notes:

~ Royal families get cursed.
~ It is very cold and you get many chances to wear extremely fashionable scarves.
~ Princesses tend to wander off, but don't worry, they are soon saved by dashing rogues who sound surprisingly like John Cusack.
~ Little talking bats may seem bad at first, but they are really good.
~ Never trust a guy who lives at the bottom of the ocean/river, especially if his head occasionally falls off.
~ Russian people LOVE to dance, but mostly only in ballrooms at palaces, or at the Moulin Rouge...which seems like a long way to travel to dance. Their options appear limited.

This is all that I learned from Anastasia, but by looking at the above map, I can also tell that:
~ they like yellow
~ they like their space.
~ Also, any book printed in that language = uber cool.

Go ahead. You can say it--I am a virtual Sherlock Holmes.

Which leads me to my absolute new favorite fact about Russia...

They are the first foreign country to pick up rights to Kasie West's PIVOT POINT.

From this, I deduce they are considerably above average intelligence. Well done, Russia.

Oh, and also, *~*~*~CONGRATULATIONS KASIE!!~*~*~* I'm SO excited for you!!

See?! Don't you feel all educated now? Go check out Kasie's post on this very subject and congratulate her!


  1. Congrats to Kasie! Yay for Russia. :)

  2. Oh! I have a fact about Russia:

    When Napoleon's army invaded Russia in 1812, between war and death from exposure to the bitter cold, over 500,000 soldiers perished.

    COOL, HUH?!


    Seriously though, this news ROCKS. And so does PIVOT POINT. And does Kasie!!

    To Russia, with LOVE!

  3. Ha-ha! This map makes me think of the advice to never fight a land war in Asia. That's so cool that she'll be added to the great tomes of Russian literature!

  4. LOL

    You forgot that ghosts also like to dance in their ballrooms. :) I LOVE the movie Anastasia. I remember one year when my daughter was going through an Anastasia phase we watched the movie about a hundred times. Not kidding.

    You are the best. And I love you tons. Thanks so much.

  5. I have a particular fondness for strangely accented bats. And ghost ballroom dances. I think it's because of Disney's Haunted House. ;)

    Yay for Kasie! Congratulations!!!

  6. Yay! And congratulations to Kasee! Jenn, great lead up. *giggles*