Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Which I Embrace Technology

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about technology and how it effects our lives. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm kind of a techno-freak. In my house we have three computers, four laptops, four tablets, a kindle, a PS3, Wii, a GameCube, Nintendo 64, PSP, & two Nintendo DS...there are four of us.

Part of this is because I'm married to a computer networker who has a tendency to bring his work/toys home with him, but part of it is because we love technology. None of these items are new, we've acquired them over several years, but when we spend money on things, they tend to be technology oriented. This is what we value. The other thing we value is spending time as a family. We play we have gaming systems and a closet full of board games.

Here is the funny thing. In spite of all this, I've been a bit of a holdout on the e-book front. I love book covers. I love the smell of paper. There is something awesome about getting a new book and pushing against the binding to open it fully for the first time. But...they're heavy, carrying more than one can be cumbersome, and hardback prices add up quickly.

So, I have a Kindle. It's fantastic. I love having so many books in one light-weight format that I can take with me. The prices for e-books are very budget friendly and if you keep your eyes open, there are frequently specials on e-book prices that are practically giving them away. It's also really handy for beta-reading my friends' wonderful books. Does this make up for all the things I miss about having printed books? No. Do I still buy many of my books in an e-book format? Yes.

The answer is, I do both. I love books and bookstores. I support my fellow authors at local signings. I enjoy having their books to hold in my hands. AND I buy e-books--a lot of them. The truth is, I buy more books (in both formats) than I did before. I love this side-effect.

All of this has brought me to a couple of conclusions:

E-books aren't going anywhere, get used to it.
Print books aren't going anywhere, get used to it.
I still love technology.

After all, would you want to write all your books with a quill by candlelight? Nope, not me. What do you think about e-books/technology/etc?


  1. I'm asking for an e-reader for Christmas this year, so I'm trying to jump on the tech. train, but I've been dragging my feet for a while.

  2. I'm right with you across the board. Since using kindle on my phone I've bought A LOT more books. A small fortune. But like you said, there's nothing like looking at a fantastic cover in your hands. Some of them are works of art.

  3. Totally agree. And yet I lack an e-reader. :) Maybe Santa will bring me one. I really want one mainly for the fact that I beta read a lot. I think it would be so nice.

  4. I haven't broken down yet and got an e-book reader. I think its partly that I spend way too much time on a computer already and the rest that I rebel at the thought of giving up my actual books.I love the smell and feel of a book and somehow- I just don't feel comfortable having a book solely digital. It doesn't seem like I really own the book and I suppose I have this strange and probably mistaken idea that the author gets shortchanged on the e-book.

  5. I love my Kindle AND my print books. :) That will never change.Great post!

  6. I agree. I'm very much the same. Love my Kindle for the easy portability and quick access to books in the middle of the night or whatever. But there is still nothing like holding an ink and paper book, touching / smelling the pages, stroking the cover. Yeah. They're both here to stay. And I'm okay with that.