Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And Sometimes My Head Explodes

So, my entire family has come down with strep. We've had four doctors visits and one E.R. visit in the last week--and I'm tired. So, my post today will be short, sweet and about you.

How long have you been writing? What made you decide to do it? What is your biggest struggle with the publishing industry so far? Your biggest joy? Please, do tell. My fatigued brain wants to know more about you wonderful people.


  1. Weird... I just did a post almost exactly like this! lol :)I hope you and your family are doing better!

    And I've been writing for about 5 years. The publishing industry is so subjective. And hard. And SLOW. But my biggest joy is meeting so many wonderful friends on my journey. It makes it all worth it. :)

  2. I started writing as a teen, YA fantasies of all kinds. I actually finished one. ;) My English teacher didn't assign much creative writing in HS, so I got into art, got a MA in art history and started working at a museum, all the while jotting down snippets of story ideas I never had the time in college to take anywhere. And then Katrina happened.

    After that I realized life is too short to wait for what you want. I had all these great story ideas and characters stuck in my brain and I had to let them out. Over time, publication became a goal that I hope I can achieve!

    As slow as the industry moves, even getting a book deal "soon" might mean getting pubbed in 2014, so I'm trying to enjoy the journey. It's hard sometimes, though!

  3. Well apparently Chantele and I are living parallel lives because my answers are basically the same. Except that I will add that I decided to do it because my brain was turning to mush and I needed to do something about it. And once I started I couldn't stop.

    Hope everyone returns to good health soon!

  4. Oh Jenn - Yucky strep! I'm so sorry. I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly and you all feel better soon.

    As for writing - I've been writing since elementary school. My first article was published in 6th grade. For me, writing has been a great stress relief. First as I dealt with my mom's cancer, then as an adult as I've raised my son who has autism. I love to write and create characters whose lives I enjoy delving into.

    I actually took a break for the first few years after my son was diagnosed with autism. When he was doing much better and on a good track, my husband was actually the one to encourage me to return to writing. I'm so grateful he did!

    Biggest struggle - finding balance. Especially since my book was published. It's been difficult for me to find the right way to promote and travel for speaking engagements & care for my family and myself too. But I'm working on it. =)

    Biggest joy: The readers who email me to share how (dis)Abilities and the Gospel has helped them teach kids with special needs the gospel or how it connected with feelings parents struggled with. Sometimes I feel like what I share has little value because it's stuff I do everyday. But I forget that we learn from each others experiences and for many, what I do is new to my readers and what a blessing my experiences can be for others. I'm grateful I can share myself and help lift another.

    Have a fabulous (peaceful and restful) day, Jenn.

  5. I've been writing for the past several years.

    I do it because I like to entertain myself. Of course, I want others to enjoy the story but it's myself I want to please first. Sounds selfish (and it kinda is) but that's the honest truth.

    My biggest joy is writing something that I like (hard to do) and the biggest pain in the butt is all the friggin' waiting. Ugh. It's loathsome and soul-killing.

  6. I'm pretty sure you know everything there is to know about me so let's move on to more interesting stuff...

    You're sick?! I'm so sorry. You've had a rough go these last few months. (Bells palsy, bone spurs, strep, etc) Is there anything I can do for you? Name it and I'm there, baby.