Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

I'm currently trying to plow through the second half of my WIP, have two kids home from school, a closet of unwrapped presents, and a house full of relatives...

So, I'm going to take the rest of the year off.

Man do I feel like a slacker typing that. Luckily, it's only about 10 days or so, I'm sure you'll all forgive me. Assuming there are any of you that are still reading and not already celebrating your own holiday...is anyone there?

*echo, echo*

Okay, well just know that I'm grateful for each of you and your friendship. Thanks for hanging with me through all the ups and downs of 2011. I'm looking forward to all of us having even more to celebrate in 2012!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


  1. Merry Christmas! :D Good luck on your WIP! And if you need a beta ... you know where to find me next year. ;)

  2. Merry Christmas, hope you get some work done. See you in the new year.

  3. Take the time off and ENJOY! Happy Holidays!

  4. You're sure we'll forgive you?? That's assuming a lot. I for one, will not forgive you.

    :) Yay to 2011 ending! 2012 is going to be epic. Let's make that happen, yeah?

  5. ICK. Totally feel you on the unwrapped presents dilemma. ;) Just wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful Holiday season! See you in the new year! (And don't forget, you have an interview to do on my blog... :))

    Enjoy the break and I'll be in touch!

  6. Good for you! Hope your holidays have been tremendous.