Friday, January 6, 2012

Are You Feeling It? (+ Excerpt!)

I'm working on a new project that, quite frankly, is creeptastic. And I love it. It's at times like these when I remember why I started writing in the first place. It isn't about query requests, submission feedback, even publication.

It's about the writing. The connection to the story that takes you away from this world in a way nothing else can. It's our own legal drug, a constantly available escape route. And there is nothing like it.

How are things with your writing? Are you feeling it?

Here's a tiny excerpt from my next book. Enjoy! And have  great weekend!


            He’s there. The Father squeezes my shoulder too tight. He wakes me from a peaceful sleep to a world of pain. He stands over me, looks at me, but doesn’t see. His hair is perfect, every strand in place. Everything about him and his life is orderly, well-kept. Everything except for me and Sam. We are the dirty things. His secrets.
            I reach out for Sam’s small fingers beside me, but he isn’t there. My heart pounds in my head and I bolt upright, looking to his hiding places. The corner where he hid with his puppet. The scrap of blanket he put over his head when we played together. Everything is in its place—except for Sam.
They took him while I slept, and he isn’t back yet.
Never both of us, never at the same time. If the Father had come for me, too…why didn’t he bring back Sam?
“Get up.” The Father’s voice spilled contempt, disgust. “You have to bury the boy.”


  1. Oooh that is creepy.

    And you're totally write. I didn't start writing because of queries, submissions or publication. It's the feeling of creating something you love.

  2. I need this book. Give. :) It sounds so awesomely creepy, Jenn. I'm glad you're having fun writing it. If I didn't know you so well, this might worry me.

  3. Holy cow, Jenn! Gave me chills and it's only a few paragraphs! Creeptastic! :D Do you ever scare yourself with your ideas? Ha ha. :) I'm totally serious by the way...

  4. Where does this darkness come from, Jenn?

    I'm concerned. . .


    Seriously though, it sounds like vintage Jenn CreepyAwesomeness. Keep at it, girl!

  5. I agree with Kasie. If I didn't know you so well, I'd be concerned. Funny how the most light-hearted personalities can write the darkest stuff, huh? Creeptastic!

  6. It's funny how so many people have commented that this is creeptastic and yet for me, I think it's so beautiful. Sure, it's a stunning (and I suppose, creepy) ending line, so I understand why everyone is saying that--but I guess I've always just thought your writing and your stories are so beautiful. I loved this twist. Loved it.