Friday, January 20, 2012

Licking My Wounds...

So, I've been trying to recover from the sad loss of my Packers *sniffle* at my first trip to Lambeau Field last weekend (feel free to express condolences ;-)...) and it got me thinking. No truly heroic story, in life or in fiction can be accomplished without major setbacks along the way. In the story I'm working on at the moment, my MC is thrown so many curveballs I'm starting to wonder if she can still see straight, but those challenges and defeats will make her stronger in the end. I always say that hell is probably a special place where characters get to exact revenge on their creators. *shudders* Yet another reason to always be kind to your fellow man and all that.

And so is life. Have you had any obstacles thrown your way lately? Thrown anything difficult at your characters? Just remember, the dark parts make reaching the light at the end of the tunnel that much more rewarding.


  1. haha, you and me both. Why, Packers, WHY? :(

    And I HOPE I threw enough obstacles in front of my MC!

  2. Sorry about your Packers. =( But yeah, I agree. Got to go through the tunnel to get to the light and all that. Challenges are what make us who we are, and that's twice as true for our characters.

    *shakes head* Breaks my heart to be so mean!

  3. My most heartfelt condolences on the Packers' loss (and yours). That game will truly be missed.

    I love the picture for this post. I also love this post. It's true of life and writing. =D