Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Um, Welcome?

Like many bloggers, I have a tracker that sends me updates on my visits. I have an avg daily number of 100 - 250 visits depending on whether I posted that day. Last week, I got the e-mail with my stats and expected them to be next to nil during the holidays.

When I opened it and read that I'd had over 5k hits that week so far, I was sure it was a typo. So, I pulled up the site and double checked it. It wasn't a mistake. I had nearly 3k visitors just that day. Turns out, people were pretty curious about this whole 2012 thing around New Years. Particularly people in India and China. Indians and Chinese = very interested in 2012. Who knew?

When I posted last month about my "Reasons 2012 Will Rock", I never expected to end up with so many hits because of it. In fact, I almost feel like I owe them an apology for not having more scientific information about 2012. Like someone planned a surprise party for me at my house and no one told me to clean. I'm standing here in my bathrobe and slippers and apologizing that guests have to look at my sad Christmas tree which is still up and trying to make sure no one ends up with a chocolate from someone's stocking stuck to their bum.

I was unprepared to have so many people interested in what I had to say about the future. Perhaps I should've consulted a psychic, read my horoscope, or at least researched a bit on this whole Mayan calendar/end of the world thing everyone keeps talking about. But I didn't.

I'm sorry China and India. I'll do better next time...Also, HI! Nice to meet you!


  1. Ha ha! That's hilarious. I'm sure they weren't too disapointed. :)

  2. I had a lot of hits last week, too. It turns out the New Year is a big time for blogging.
    Happy New Year!

  3. That's funny! Next time maybe you should post in Chinese and Hindu too.