Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Being Scared - Part 3

I want to dedicate today's scared post to the all terrifying query.

Yes, folks. It is a scary thing.

Imagine you walked up to a computer programmer and had the following conversation:

You: "Have you finished writing your first program ever?"

Programmer: "Yes. Yes, I have."

You: "Great. Now I want you to write an e-mail to Bill Gates and tell him all about your computer program and how it is unique and awesome and he should check it out. Then wait by your e-mail for him to respond."

Programmer: *silence*

You: "Did you write it yet?"

Programmer: *runs*

We are brave, brave people. We write queries, and send them out...again and again. And we're not even talking about the rejections yet...

We do scary things. Go us.


  1. We write because we must. Or at least I do.

  2. lol! That is so true! I'm going to be joining the ranks next month. *biting fingernails*

  3. My computer hubby would probably be writing Bill Gates to complain about Bill's program and then tell him how he'd fix it. ;) So does that make him more of an editor?

    Writers are brave, that's for sure. Because nothing about this job is easy--but I think the payoff is worth it, regardless of the "paycheck."

  4. Actually, we are talking about rejections. At least I am. They suck. And yet, I still click send time and time again. What is wrong with me? Either I'm a complete glutton, or absolutely fearless. Can't decide which yet.

    But yeah, I'd love to be a part of that conversation!