Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Fire

Sometime in the last two days, someone started a fire in my throat. I don't know how, I feel like I would've noticed it. Because... OUCH!!!

For some reason, a line from the movie, CLUE, keeps running through my mind:

Mrs. White: "It-it- the f-it-flam-flames. Flames, on the side of my face, breathing-breathl- heaving breaths. Heaving breaths - heathing..."

So, yeah...that's what I'm doing. What are you up to this week?


  1. Hope you feel better.

    Now that I'm mostly settled in to the new place I'm trying to get back into the writing groove.

  2. The fact that you quoted Clue is proof we are friends.

  3. lol. I love that movie. I hope you feel better soon Jenn! I hate the sore throats. =(

  4. That's awful! I'm so sorry. You've had a really rough go of it, Jenn! I hope you're feeling better soon!