Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Ode to Illness

My whole family is sick, so I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled posts for this list. Why? Because I've spent the last four weeks on pain killer and/or Nyquil and it sounded like a good idea at the time.

10 Things I Learned This Week---Thanks To The Flu

1 - The sinuses are a great and under-utilized storage space...'nuff said.

2 - Lungs, when filled with gunk, don't work as well for other purposes. (like breathing)

3 - Fevers must have been thought up during God's day off. Some under-noticed assistant let the power go to his head and now we all have to pay for it.

4 - When anyone in the family gets sick, Mom gets sick.

5 - Dad locks himself in garage and avoids all contact with everyone until the danger has passed. Thus making him the most intelligent and least liked person in the family.

6 - Sick kids make the best cuddlers.

7 - IF you manage to get your night-time coughing under control, someone else in the family will start coughing loud enough to keep you awake.

8 - My house doesn't contain enough blankets or chicken noodle soup.

9 - The amount of hugs necessary in a given day is inversely proportional to how healthy my kids feel.

10 - Some women have that whole sexy, raspy thing going on when they're sick---I do not. I sound like Kermit---as a bass---it's not pretty.


  1. Ugh, these darn sicknesses! We've been sick around my place too, and we're still not over it-- though we're finally close. I hope you're all feeling better soon!

  2. We've been sick too! I went to a dinner last night and the lady next to me asked if anyone has been sick at our house and I thought, "Wow, is sickeness that prevalant that it's become a small talk question?" I think so.

    Love the list and agree on all accounts. :)

  3. Awesome list, but I'm so sorry to hear it! We've gone through that too in our family. And, it's so true--if anyone else gets sick, Mom gets sick. Good luck getting better!

  4. I bet Kermit the frog as a bass is totally sexy!!!

  5. That sick-kid-cuddlers thing is so true. I love when mine are the perfect amount of sick: not projectile vomiting, not energetic "oh, I'm a little under the weather but really just don't want to go to school." That perfect blend where it's "I want my mommy." ;)